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But the torch and the opening ceremony transcended those rather sordid origins, and it became this wonderful tradition.
The sordid history of mixing genetics, ethnicity and intellect guarantees a spotlight on this work.
He'd then refer to some incident and twist the scenario into a sordid situation that never took place.
However, when the courts enter this mirk of secrecy it only add one more layer of confusion and complexity to this sordid horror.
It is strange to think that such sordid motives might affect something as pure and objective as physics.
Traces the sordid history of the president's descendants.
How many sink into the sordid hut of cheerless poverty.
But the story of his life must be admitted to be in its externals a painful and somewhat sordid chronicle.
Few have ever equalled him in the portrayal of the sordid, every-day realities of poverty.
Nor were her gifts all in the sordid coin of commerce.
Between him and the truth the avarice of a sordid landlady interposes the curtain of a lie.
His dress was of a piece with his countenance, neither affectedly sordid nor pompous.
The baleful eye of the establishment media has once again turned our way, and judged us to be sordid muckrakers.
Science is up to its eyes in sordid, commercial, military money.
Along with the noise and excitement, the books tell many a sad and sordid story of the stagecraft behind the bright scrim.
Weightlifting still struggling to escape its sordid history.
The press have also been reminded that they are considered sordid and debauched.
Sport becomes a sordid business, and the sportsman becomes only a sport.
Those cases which involve sordid family disputes also are better left to the jury without too explicit instructions.
Its free press makes the sordid details available to everybody.
Until last year, he was known for violent, sordid work.
It is only occasionally that new money is denounced by a leak to these sordid papers that nobody would call the press.
There was plenty of work, some of it involving the odd, sordid details of the singer's life.
The branched crown of each stem is topped by a few to several dozen sordid, creamy-white flower heads about a half-inch wide.
Plants are easily overlooked because of their short stature and sordid whitish-purple flowers.
Conflict of interest is the common thread that runs through this whole sordid story.
The details of their tax evasion scheme are sordid enough.
One thing which doubtless contributed to keep up this amiable mean, was a general repugnance to sordid labor.
Constantly, they are exposed to the backside of humanity with all of its sordid and quality secrets.
But there is another lesson in the whole shocking, sordid affair.
She is a human refutation of the sordid stereotypes about politicians.

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