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More and more hoteliers are happy to accommodate you with style, sophistication and economy.
Any brand of toothpaste is peddled with far more sophistication than the life-saving work of aid groups.
Shun writers who lean on fatigued word combinations to signify sophistication.
Advertising muscle and consumer demand should not triumph over good taste and cultural sophistication.
The level of sophistication also hints that more discoveries may be on the way.
We are optimizing for the lowest cost of energy, not highest technical sophistication.
The level of sophistication of the art and design grew with time and new and more diverse materials were used.
But experts say it's highly unlikely they would also have the scientific sophistication to use the information to make a weapon.
Sometimes the message has come via a dismissal of the sophistication of my scholarly knowledge.
The danger comes when investors don't, confusing sophistication with judgment.
All the sophistication of fur, but with same warmth as down.
These techniques may add much needed sophistication to the simple biomechanical models employed today.
The is an underlying romanticism juxtaposed with unpolished sophistication that cannot be replicated even if one tried.
We have so much sophistication in terms of software development.
All combine technical sophistication with esthetic appeal, echoing the art styles popular when they were produced.
Also with the cluster algorithm, it takes a pretty good amount of mathematical sophistication to see those clusters.
They even recorded their first takes, giving the sound a crisp freshness and playful sophistication.
The sophistication of what's goes on in photographic manipulation, really the two go hand in hand.
Even more pleasing is the new sophistication one discerns in the troupe's productions.
The trend seems to reflect a growing sophistication about realty investments and a more variegated real-estate market.
Rather, it was population density that turned out to be the key to cultural sophistication.
Discarded banana peels evidence his growing sophistication.
But that sophistication can be loaded onto the satellite, where it does not contribute to the weight of a tag.
The level of national sophistication is in grave jeopardy in their hands.
The absence of restraint encouraged a speculation whose growing sophistication matched its mounting lack of transparency.
The studies cited could use a little more sophistication.
Parliament must soon decide whether the risk and sophistication of terrorism has risen enough to permit this.
They relish their country's growing military clout and economic sophistication.
The sophistication of the equipment, the skills of the workers and the quality of the output are all admirable.
Even the explosive-based bags are capable of more sophistication.
Its attacks bear witness to growing ambition and sophistication.
Still, not all modern cards achieve such sophistication.
It doesn't have the sophistication to do relationships.
It may also have reflected growing market sophistication.
What's newer is the ease and sophistication with which individuals can put such methods to work on their own behalf.
It was a great question, indicating some maturity and sophistication.
Yet, current technology has attained a level of sophistication where it's reasonable for us to begin this effort.
It's not that difficult to make a bikini, but she takes it to another level of sophistication.
She's well aware of the culinary sophistication her typical customer brings to the table, though.
Of course, the jewelry was all of her own design, and marked by a soupcon of wit and a large dose of sophistication.
Miner lacks in sophistication he makes up for in quick pacing and high spirits.
Likewise for the sophistication and complexity of motor responses.
The fact is that systems tend to organize over time, ie, move towards sophistication.
The marketing of healthful fast food will require the same degree of subtlety and sophistication.
The groups behind this activity are well-funded, show some real sophistication, and none of the big players are ever caught.
They increase in their sophistication and mathematical complexity.
We try to look for the technological sophistication of traditional humanism and the humanist possibilities of new tech.
Since then, digital simulations have come a long way in terms of speed and sophistication.
But the sartorial fa├žade of sophistication was a flimsy one.
One difficulty is that only societies which have already reached a certain level of sophistication can make use of them.
He was almost wholly without sophistication and wholly without worldliness.
Proponents maintain that agents are the next stage in sophistication for interface design.
The sophistication of toys you can buy off the shelf this time of year is amazing.
No tribute show can touch this one in its level of sophistication and its power of evocation.
But they have lately mounted operations of great audacity and sophistication.
In such a poor country, food has traditionally been robust, spicy but lacking in sophistication.
For centuries it enjoyed high levels of literacy and a degree of architectural sophistication.
Therefore, it is giving them the sophistication in using the updated technologies.
The sheer sophistication of the instruments to manage the risks of market moves may, paradoxically, have made them riskier.
It is quite frustrating to see an increase in conceptual sophistication, rigour, and accuracy characterised as a laughable gaffe.
It is marked by a huge increase in intellectual sophistication.
Meanwhile, a little-known berry or spice conveys the worldly sophistication of the critic, which the drinker can share.
One should not overstate the case: stealing trainers and burning police cars are not the hallmarks of political sophistication.
Together they offer an accurate gauge of the breadth and sophistication of her art.
Due to the remoteness of the continent, the sophistication of medical care is limited.
Many of my clients are individual investors of limited financial sophistication.
At the next level of sophistication, powder metallurgy can create material mixtures that cannot be made any other way.

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