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He expected odious solitary scavengers but instead found sophisticated hunters living in complex clans.
Psychology often takes simple behavioral data and tries to make it more complicated and sophisticated.
They're growing ever more complex, subtle, and sophisticated.
Without that knowledge the machines, no matter how advanced and sophisticated, are unproductive.
It is sophisticated and naïve simultaneously, sometimes in the same symbols that they use.
Traditional rudimentary forms became elegant and sophisticated, and the carvings reveal more attention to craft and detail.
Sophisticated farmers, many of them big landowners, raced to buy the stuff.
Tool manufacturer product testing: not as sophisticated as you think.
And finally pantyhose give a sophisticated, polished, finished or professional appearance.
Although the rooms are sophisticated, their multifunctional materials and uses make them suited for kids and adults.
Maybe as technology advances and these gadgets become more sophisticated they can replace paper textbooks.
The treatment of this problem requires a different and more sophisticated approach.
Sophisticated observers are well aware, however, that these cables offer only a partial picture of foreign-policy decision-making.
But the wealth of raw light data comes to life only with sophisticated software that lets a viewer switch points of focus.
Whereas the designer might once have settled for a romp in the hay, this show was sophisticated, sensual and subtle.
More accurate tests are available but they generally require sophisticated laboratories.
Today's pick: a sophisticated yet tough crocodile boot.
Still, it's easy to get distracted by the more sophisticated stuff coming from the back kitchen.
It's a politically stable country with a sophisticated, mobile workforce.
Researchers also found ornate carvings more sophisticated than any before seen in the region.
These information-packed guides offer savvy advice and the in-depth information that sophisticated travelers demand.
Savvy advice and the in-depth information that sophisticated travelers demand.
The researchers used sophisticated nets that can be individually closed and opened at the touch of a computer key.
The sophisticated sensory abilities that help these animals survive.
Sarmiento made the discovery using sophisticated computer models.
Sophisticated stone blades arrive first, along with rudimentary stone architecture.
But a bird wing is vastly more sophisticated than anything composed of sheet metal and rivets.
Sophisticated dining utilizes small rooms in a traditional courtyard home to create intimate spaces.
The bats' echolocation calls were recorded with a sophisticated microphone array.
Think twice the next time you call someone as quiet as a mouse-the rodents are actually sophisticated singers, a new study says.
The bladderwort has an equally sophisticated way of setting its underwater trap.
Taken together, these changes make the entire brain a much faster and more sophisticated organ.
Online surveys are completely new and sophisticated method of marketing.
Humans, in many ways, are a reasonably functional design for a technically sophisticated creature.
In the race to catch drug cheats, sports officials are turning to more sophisticated tests.
Scientists using sophisticated recording equipment were able to listen to the caterpillars chatter.
The video also displays a virtual colonoscopy, which scans the intestines with sophisticated, noninvasive imaging tools.
Few see any culinary action more sophisticated than reheating leftovers or popping popcorn.
It's much more technologically demanding and certainly much more technologically sophisticated.
Other primate species also have sophisticated social behaviors strongly featuring fairness, cooperation and especially empathy.
Beaming power to a moving target would require some fairly sophisticated control system.
What a tempo from an agency which is located in a country that has sophisticated labs and the best scientists in the world.
For these cases, physicists and mathematicians must develop more sophisticated notions of dimensionality.
The granaries themselves are circular and quite sophisticated.
Even sophisticated multinationals could set up a representative office in hours without concern for continuous paperwork.
Production is hampered by a shortage of sophisticated talent in areas such as fashion photography, styling and make-up.
Jersey used its role as a low-tax repository of cash to build up a sophisticated private-banking and trust business.
Besides, sophisticated manufacturing tends to be less labour-intensive, reducing the appeal of low-wage countries.
The first takes days, and the second is a sophisticated technique that few laboratories are yet able to manage.
As a result, he and his team have gained a more sophisticated insight into the way co-operation develops.
Older pupils would fleece younger, less sophisticated ones to get hold of prized cards.
Over time piracy has become more diverse and sophisticated.
What makes these creations so winning is their exuberance not skilful mastery of technique or sophisticated drawing.
It is also when tools designed for sophisticated leather working emerge.
Yet as netbooks have become more popular, many of them have also become more sophisticated.
It relies on sophisticated software to match cars and drivers, even when hiring details are not known in advance.
As an economy develops, the state should coax firms into more sophisticated industries.
It's bigger, more powerful and more sophisticated than any other robotic vehicle that has landed on another planet.
Courts have ruled that today's sophisticated video games are protected as creative expression.
Venture capitalism can and requires sophisticated business skills to be profitable.
And its operating system is both visually enticing and appears to be technically sophisticated.
And he has a long history of putting his sophisticated theories of imagery into practice.
Projects have been undertaken in many countries, using progressively more sophisticated equipment.
But sophisticated tools don't automatically produce good work.
Combat now is a less crowded affair and more dependent on sophisticated electronic equipment.
The scheme displayed a sophisticated insight into outsiders' mentality and interests.
The sophisticated are ill advised to snicker at this prescription for winning.
Indeed, as automated cracking software improves, it takes ever less knowledge to mount ever more sophisticated attacks.
All of which suggests a remarkably sophisticated exercise at nation building through art.
At a more sophisticated level it often shows in the press's language.
Skin that looks shiny all over is definitely out for spring because it doesn't look polished and sophisticated enough.
He has now developed a much more sophisticated technique.
The patterers were the brainy, sophisticated ones-the self-proclaimed aristocracy of the street.
But one side-the lender-is supposed to be financially sophisticated.
She adored her older brothers and was always totally at ease in a sophisticated world without being sophisticated herself.
Neuroscientists, using increasingly sophisticated brain scans, are finding that changes ripple out across the entire brain.
We've got to get those kids inventing, playing with real physical things, with more sophisticated equipment.
Making such spatial statements is a pretty sophisticated mental process.
Then, using sophisticated software, researchers can quickly sort the information in order to pull out the data they really need.
They were also woven in a diagonal twill pattern that indicated the use of a rather sophisticated loom.
What is unique, however, is the evolution of feathers into such a sophisticated sound system.
More sophisticated phase-change fabrics are on the way.
Surely our wise and mathematically sophisticated readers will be able to help.
But even these primitive creatures were already quite sophisticated.
Only in the past few years, in fact, have seismometers become sophisticated enough for his purposes.
But with amateurs getting more sophisticated in their technique and equipment, expect to see more of these.
Bats have clearly evolved a sophisticated flight system, but they face some awkward challenges when they're not flying.
Researchers develop more sophisticated ways to control the brain with light.
Sophisticated imaging reveals new details in a virus's protein coat.
Sophisticated brain-imaging studies suggest new ways to treat chronic pain.
Two teams of scientists have independently developed the beginnings of a technologically sophisticated worm circus.
As a result, they use substantially less power electronics, and less sophisticated generators.
Detecting the bacteria is time-consuming and expensive, even in hospitals with sophisticated lab equipment.
Photo-editing software gets more sophisticated all the time, allowing users to alter pictures in ways both fun and fraudulent.
Achieving these high data rates and multiple channels requires sophisticated components.
Problem is, typing without a physical or a sophisticated-enough virtual keyboard remains a pain.
So you have to be a little sophisticated about how you're going to use the thing.
What sophisticated audiences really want is the treat--the entertaining context for illusions--and not the trick.
Sophisticated dining establishments have grilled cheese.
As a result, less sophisticated depositors may be at an informational disadvantage.

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