sooty in a sentence

Example sentences for sooty

The ants cultivate the fungus, turning it into a sooty mold that acts as living cement, reinforcing the structure of their traps.
Smoke from hearth fires has coated the bark walls and sago-leaf ceiling, giving the hut a sooty odor.
The sooty particles in the atmosphere heat it further.
Some coals are particularly smoky, sooty or otherwise undesirable, while others burn cleaner.
And then the sooty yellow slowly turned a lush, rippling green.
Industrial centers or sooty cities have plenty of dust too, though for different reasons.
Sooty terns are easily disturbed by human activity, and repeated disturbance may result in permanent abandonment.
White forehead extends further back behind the eye than the sooty tern.
The sooty mold is a sign that insect pests have attacked the plant.
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