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Driving through the beautiful forests and minimal traffic was not enough to soothe my jangled nerves.
The charitable rich do their bit to soothe the social tensions that arise from growing inequality.
Not only does warm water soothe us, it can combat loneliness.
The government has tried to soothe public nerves by promising to protect investors.
But they soothe your nerves even when unplugged from an audio source.
Monitors were instructed to soothe patients via supportive talk or touch if they experienced any anxiety.
Scholars do ascribe calming qualities to the color: to soothe the unruly, many drunk tanks and jail cells are painted pink.
UN peacekeepers quickly intervened to soothe tempers.
The furniture and interior designer selected items to help soothe the soul, starting with a few key high-quality pieces.
There is also a calming mist that plugs into the wall socket that may soothe him.
And without emotion, all that is left of a swearword is the word itself, unlikely to soothe anyone's pain.
Cool compresses may help soothe allergic conjunctivitis.
The choice was meant to soothe her party's bigwigs, with whom she has a sometimes testy relationship.
They have to create justification for their actions to soothe their cognitive dissonance.
She coached him with his dreadful writing and tried to soothe his irrational rage.
But it will surely be easier to inflame emotions than to soothe them.
He possesses two qualities that soothe the potential frictions of a schizophrenic career.
What is worse is that there is not much the western powers can do to soothe the wounds.
Double meaning can help soothe the awkwardness of bribe-paying.
Soothe him with thy finer fancies, touch him with thy lighter thought.
The capacity of melody to soothe and rhythm to excite is obvious to anyone with musical sensitivity.
Choose treatments from acupuncture to aqua zen, or a facial to soothe parched skin.
To some extent, easier monetary policy may soothe the transition.
However, sleep does not come naturally, usually meditating or a simple walk would help soothe the stress.
Harmless flirtations could improve your spirits and soothe your bruised ego.
Now people are turning to art for its ability to soothe.
The procedure is also supposed to soothe aches and pains and stimulate the metabolism, according to the hotel.
Both these things increase the moisture in the air and can help soothe a dry throat.
It can be used to lower a fever and soothe headaches and other common aches and pains.
Gentle bathing, mild lubricants or creams, or mild hydrocortisone creams may be used to soothe irritation.
The thinking is that sweet substances of any kind help soothe the back of the throat and break up mucus in the airways.
Even doctors must sometimes inflict pain for the better good of a patient, but a nurse is there only to soothe and comfort.
People add colloidal oatmeal to bath water to soothe dry or irritated skin.
Dazzling performers take to the stage night after night to soothe your soul and take away all the stresses of your day.
It offers visitors an opportunity to reflect and soothe their spirits through the beauty of nature.

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