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Some light bounces off soot particles in the air and goes back into outer space.
Buckyballs, once found, turned up in substances as commonplace as the soot made by candles.
Plumage can appear browner with wear or appear blacker from contact with chimney soot.
The ink might be nothing more than sugar cane juice mixed with campfire soot.
Swan's electric lamp deposited a dark layer of soot inside its inner surface, obscuring the light.
Tape weights around the edges of the covering material to prevent soot from escaping.
Every inch of the building was covered by thick soot.
Done wrong, you get no farther than the trailhead, where you're stuck cleaning soot out of your camp stove.
The soot is from an engine fire the previous owner had.
But the sulphur that spews from the smokestacks of coal-fired power stations causes acid rain and the soot generates smog.
Aerosols are tiny, floating particles, such as the soot generated by burning fossil fuels.
Use coal, and produce human lungs full of soot by middle age.
His old dog rolls in the ash and cloaks itself in soot.
They are generally sold on pavements, coated with dust and soot.
Stuff rags into the flue opening around the handle to keep soot from falling to the fireplace floor.
Soot and ash also posed a danger to electrical equipment.
She has installed air purifiers in all the rooms of her house and shakes the soot off the laundry she has hung out to dry.
Everything in the apartment was wet and covered with soot.
Spots resembling soot on siding may be mildew, especially if they do not disappear with washing.
Once, the air was so laden with steel mill soot that street lights stayed lighted all day.
The steel mill has not been entirely cleaned up, but it no longer spews soot over everything.
Strange through his breath the soot is sifting, his feet are buried in coal and coke.
Water suspended the soot, keeping the ink runny enough to write with.
It may be a grain of dust, a speck of soot from a forest fire, a fungal spore-or a particle of industrial pollution.
In the winter you can watch the snow get filthy with soot after only a few days.
Sumi ink stick is made from pine soot, vegetable oil, and fish glue.
In this dark and surrealistic landscape a drizzle of soot and oil flashes in our headlights and stains our protective gauze masks.
He pokes at one meditatively, and then his top half disappears as he bends into the billowing soot.
The buildings were encrusted with soot, instead of shining pink and proud.
Their faces and arms are coated with soot, and sweat makes small rivulets on their skin.
Simply cleaning up soot could work wonders for the climate.
The smoke is made up of tiny particles of soot and ash.
Charged particles of soot appear to respond to the electric field, throwing the flame off balance.
Now imagine that instead of a great stone edifice covered in soot and filled with people, the gallery is a tiny polymer sphere.
The way in which soot forms can often indicate how and where a fire developed.
It was a tough entrepĂ´t and factory town, wrapped in a pall of soot, struggle and heartache.
The lifetime of soot from nuclear fires is about five years.
It would never occur to me that she was once a soot-streaked prisoner of the gutter, condemned by every syllable she uttered.
There he witnessed the fire, soot, and carnage firsthand.
The little cave has been rendered a soot hole by millennia of offertory candles.
Pots won't spurn to pour soot on our tops on our sunny tour to town.
Keep the bottom of your fireplace or charcoal grill from becoming encrusted with soot.
Willingham was observed with soot on his shirt and singed eyebrows.
Trade in your old, soot-spewing car for a newer one.

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