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Example sentences for soon

The days of face-to-face faculty meetings might soon come to an end.
It is uncertain how soon or how fast the oil will start gurgling again.
Plant bare-root trees as soon as possible after purchase.
Electric vehicles are getting a lot of attention lately, but internal combustion isn't going away anytime soon.
But that may soon change, with the deployment in screens of structures called quantum dots.
Global climate change may soon make our planet a much itchier place.
We further imagine that we'd soon hanker for a proper keyboard to get some work done.
For amputees suffering from phantom pain, a computer-generated cure might soon be at hand.
If the rest of this sci-fi arsenal follows, war may soon be unrecognizable.
Given the attention he's brought to his university, he'll soon be asking for a bigger staff.
Gather your flower bulbs as soon as they become available in nurseries.
And that shift, the scientists propose, followed soon after people first began wearing clothing.
So to have three articles published, you need to start as soon as possible.
There will soon be seven billion people on the planet.
Stone soon discovers, though, that running a restaurant is a lot harder than it looks.
They grow fast and should be harvested and used as soon as they are big enough to eat.
He contracted food poisoning and died soon afterwards.
Soon after bloom, the foliage yellows and dies down.
Hardware vendors and cable operators are building compatible products that should arrive in stores soon.
After registering, make sure to make your hotel reservations as soon as possible to ensure you receive the guaranteed room rate.
With that high-tech grace-note, a new sort of airship could soon safely ply the ocean blue.
Tired and scared, you trip over a dead log, and they soon surround you.
As soon as this time machine is built, time travel will commence, and continue to exist until someone turns off the machine.
If it's in your head, it could soon be on your calendar.
But it should not need updating again any time soon.
He copped a few himself and was soon frolicking with his flock.
They have consigned smallpox to history and should soon do the same for polio.
Relieved of their duties, the surviving postal worker camels were soon sent to zoos.
Pieces are done as soon as they are no longer pink in the center.
Soon heavy snow began to fall, and the temperature plunged.
But it isn't likely to appear anytime soon in a dictionary.
Soon cowboys herd the ponies through town to the carnival grounds.
Autonomous machines will soon play a big role in our lives.
Drivers began making camping alterations to cars almost as soon as they were introduced.
These are ready to pick as soon as the peas swell the pods.
In addition, the corrections appear to have been made soon after the original was completed.
But there is little doubt that the software will soon be a big seller in campus bookshops and in technology superstores.
The expedition's food supplies soon began to dwindle.
The rule, which has drawn strong attacks from for-profit colleges, is expected out soon.
Our majestic national bird is flying high over much of its former range and may soon be off the endangered list.
Plant bulbs in fall or spring as soon as possible after you get them.
His abilities were soon clear, and within ten years he was in the cabinet.
Radishes should be harvested as soon as they're big enough for salads.
Soon it is time to leave the open ocean for coastal waters.
Most seismologists agree that predicting earthquakes days in advance is not going to be possible anytime soon.
You'll soon learn to judge how long to water each plant to soak its root zone thoroughly.
It's best to plant bare-root plants as soon as possible after purchase.
One researcher thinks so, and he could soon get a billion euros to build it.
Pruning is not complicated, and these are forgiving plants that will soon recover from any mistakes.
It was clear as soon as the stage lights went up that this was not some low-rent puny-autocrat shtick.
The obese may soon have a new tool to curb hunger.
Help may soon be available in the form of a smart film that can block heat--but not light--from the sun.
But don't worry about the planet disappearing entirely any time soon.
Genetic testing will expand quickly and soon, adding highly targeted data to people's medical records.
The research doesn't mean we'll soon be trying the same thing in humans.
After a single exposure to the spotlight, actin crept toward spots that touched adjacent neurons, but soon receded.
But the process of staling actually begins as soon as the loaf leaves the oven and begins to cool.
The devices may soon evolve into small computers about the size of a clutch purse.
Well with enough loop holes in place this could happen as soon as the end of summer.
For both reasons we've needed a change for a long time, it's hopeful we'll see it soon.
Inherited forms of anemia may soon be treated by turning on a gene normally active only in the womb.
Solar will soon be cheap enough to start replacing roofing shingles, gravel roofs and building facades.
Many vest designs incorporate a solid plate over the heart which on my earlier vests was steel, but soon will be a ceramic.
The discovery quickly led to predictions that a preventive vaccine would soon be on tap.
As soon as droplets or spoonfuls of the food fall into the bath, gelling begins.
The stretching of the joint is soon thereafter limited by the length of the capsule.
But the government's hand may soon be forced here, too.
Even if it does not come up with the goods soon, though, a host of other experiments might.
One is already being drilled, and another is due to be started soon.
Soon, however, he must start to fill in some details.
The lesson of loss will come soon enough, and always as a shock.
But the government is expected to allow prices to rise soon to curb its widening budget deficit.
Prospectors, adventurers and outlaws soon flooded the region.
Most animals start digesting their food as soon as they eat it.
And when you see clouds upon the hills, there soon will be crowds of daffodils.
The territory was soon awash with secret societies and informal militias, formed.
We keep walking, and soon the sunlight stabbing through the trees signals a clearing.
It's an intriguing proposal-one that made me wonder if we'd soon be eating whale again.
He soon replaced that with a complicated chemical ampere-hour meter.
The mammoth trackers set out as soon as summer arrived.
Monier was soon using this reinforced concrete, or ferroconcrete, for beams and posts as well as pots.
But he took it home on second thoughts, and soon found to his delight that it was an egg of pure gold.
Every morning the same thing occurred, and he soon became rich by selling his eggs.
And soon thereafter the gods showed forth signs and wonders to my company.
Bella's reactions are humorous, but it's an off-putting case of far too much, way too soon.
And with more families in need this year, it couldn't come soon enough.
Soon cases were also detected in intravenous drug users and recipients of blood transfusions.
Soon trees will bud, snows will melt, and for the next six months daylight will tick more minutes off the clock than darkness.
Underhill and his colleagues will soon begin to test this idea.
But the biologists soon realized that a link existed between the two species' behaviors.
As soon as she could walk, her parents slipped her into a homemade wet suit and tossed her into the surf.
At the same time though, it will soon be twice the amount of time they said that it would be.
As soon as you see this, all falls into place and the author's sheer brilliance is plain to see.
The editor replied to me that they will made the final decision soon.
Send an update to the candidate as soon as possible within the parameters of the search.
He said he will send me the start-up letter as soon as the dean signed it.
But if we're getting married soon he doesn't want the long-distance.
He will soon begin pitching to publishers a manuscript he identified.
The panel is expected to recommend a general strategy soon.
And it soon will be for those of you about to go out on the market.
They said they'd send a schedule as soon as possible.
Understand that you're not going to become the director of admissions anytime soon.
Building that rocket should become a little easier soon, though.
But it is highly probable-indeed, nearly certain-that they will emerge, and fairly soon.
The inference was that the little missile would soon be fired.
The prediction that world population will soon begin to decline is based on almost universal human behavior.
The book is the network, the network is knowledge, and someday soon you'll be able to curl up in bed with all of it.
But there's also a good reason to think that things will soon be changing.
GM was expected to pay back its debt early, but not this soon.
But every apparent step forward is, more often than not, reversed soon thereafter.
The aromas of wave-washed rocks and burning cinnamon sticks may be coming soon to a meal near you.
But soon my attraction to convenience gave way to a relishing of the arduous.
As soon as the he hung up, he felt a pulse of excitement, the promise of illicit thrills.
Not so soon as weeks or months, but not so far off as decades, either.
Soon the stern shooing turned into forceful shoving.
He began to record his own ideas, which soon filled two thousand pages.
If a fighter had no color, a whole rainbow of romance was soon thrown around him.
There were concert tickets inside, and they had to be delivered soon, because the concert was twenty-four hours away.
Villagers will send all their cows out to graze at the same time, and soon the field will be useless.
Surgical lasers could soon heal cuts as well as make incisions.
Wireless chips could soon manage a gigabit of data per second.
Handsets will soon be able to connect to other gadgets or make payments with a tap.
Supermarkets could soon turn to monitoring technology to make us buy more stuff.
The first commercial product to incorporate dye-sensitized thin-film solar cells will soon be on the market.
They haven't given any clues about how soon they will properly launch the service.
The team will soon begin home tests of the shirts to further validate its use outside of the lab.
One way to make this kind of prediction is to study how a story spreads soon after it is released into the wild.
Patients with impaired vision because of a damaged cornea could soon regain their sight without need of a human donor transplant.
If you have a smart phone, online criminals may soon have your number.
Soldiers who are packing multiple portable technologies could soon have less heavy lifting to do.
Repeating a phone number soon after hearing it, for instance, uses short-term memory.
The same high-quality form of silicon that is used inside many new computers could soon be rolled up on a sheet of plastic.
As soon as even one molecule of the compound is ensnared, it creates a detectable change in the ring's optical properties.
The first drug targeting telomeres, now sold as a nutritional supplement, will soon face the harsh light of peer review.
The new science of synthetic telepathy could soon make that happen.
But experimental types of treatment could soon lend a hand.
He started out studying meteoroids, but his attention soon shifted to debris from space launches.
Soon skeptics may have a tough time denying that they are onto something big.
They will be hyped on television and soon enough forgotten.
Soon, he taught himself programming to learn how to make little dots-representing trains and buses-scoot around the maps.
But as soon as the animal senses he is under threat, he becomes hyper alert.
As soon as it reopened, the place was mobbed and remains so.
Their initial bliss was soon dispelled by an unwelcome development.
Soon, he was able to make his rather modest goals come true.
Soon, matching subjects were seeing banner ads on their computer screens urging them to give the senator their signatures.
In that role he soon became known for litigious ways.
The first task is the harder of the two, but it must be done, and soon.
As soon as they sold one edition of a work, another would appear, featuring additions and corrections by the author.
The truly gifted at times achieve things that appear too soon, as it were.
Of course as soon as one has excited oneself with an idea, one finds confirmation of it everywhere.
We have to feel the antennae of the relationship that is soon to be cauterized.
Soon they were met by police in riot gear who surrounded the area.
What melted soon solidified as industrial capitalism, a paradise for some at the expense of the many.
Remove all foliage that will be below water level, as it will soon deteriorate.
He's not a candidate who could break out as soon as people take a good look at him.
Pretty soon you want another one and then another one.
Presidents soon learn that their power to alter the course of the economy is limited.
Too many kids are returning to the playing field too soon after a concussion.
The net effect of our debt-ceiling debate is now clear: there will be large spending cuts, starting soon.

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