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It features odd-ball technology in the form of a sonar suspension.
Compared with a conventional fish-finding sonar it is a miracle, with a scanning rate that runs a million times faster.
The bat uses these reflected signals for orientation and as part of its sonar system to detect food.
Ship traffic, seismic tests and sonar pings can make navigating the seas tricky for whales.
Navy engineers aren't the only ones who can jam sonar.
The department regularly checks all its mains with sonar to detect the sound of uncontrolled leaks.
He notes that echolocation, their sophisticated sonar system, allows bats to dodge wires as fine as human hairs-in the dark.
When it comes to mapping the ocean floor, lasers can capture fine details even better than the sonar.
Sonar might be causing severe decompression sickness in whales and dolphins.
Video and sonar data from the submarine are displayed as a volleyball-sized hologram.
Dolphin sonar is a precision tool for picking up hidden underwater objects, say experts.
It must have a built-in radar or sonar beam to get it to a safe landing.
Sonar receivers pick up this echo, which contains information about the location and distance of the object ahead.
Sonar technology can detect obstacles in the road before a driver sees them.
However, robotic eyes don't operate well in low light, and sonar systems can be confused by polished surfaces.
On the final dive of the trip, the scanning sonar detected a large object on the seafloor.
From sonar rigs to military-tech rods, fishing has gone gear crazy.
Later this year the team will begin detailed geophysical studies of the lake and its surroundings, using sonar.
Blind river dolphins, many bats depend on sonar to define their world not sight.
Forming the long part of the cross are sonar devices that repeatedly shoot bursts of sound into the water.
With its complex sonar system and navigation software, the bot then finds its own way home.
The accident damaged the vessel's sonar dome, and the sub limped home under its own power.
And its sonar may have been disrupted by the propeller noise from boats above.
It was the sound of our screws that was picked up on sonar.
Data thus far has been collected using sonar scans and video.
The sonar images will show objects as small as a few feet in diameter, such as lost or clandestine equipment.
The first operates on sonar and is surgically implanted into the sturgeon as a solution of anesthesia is washed over their gills.
The ship is equipped with the latest in side-scan sonar as well as a remote-operated recovery vessel.
They might sneak up on their prey or perhaps use sonar to catch them, scientists say.
Mechanisms dragged behind the vessels use sonar to seek out mines and render them inoperative.
Echocardiography produces pictures of the heart much as sonar produces pictures of the ocean floor.
Sonar images show plumes of methane bubbling from the seafloor, indicating that the gas originates in sediments there.
Customization options include high-res color-imaging sonar and remote-controlled external manipulators.
Thankfully, sonar fish finders tell you exactly where to sink your line for a catch.
In his work to develop radar, sonar and ultrasound he performed all the necessary tests and provided all the proofs required.
The best part of the job was listening to these creatures live on sonar equipment.
The office counts almost every fish using sonar equipment placed near the mouth of the river.
Researchers often use the terms dolphin sonar or bat sonar as a shorthand for echolocation.
We had sonar equipment that would find these open or thin areas to come up through, thus limiting any damage to the submarine.
Sonar mapping uses sound waves to map out the contours or the shape of the ocean bottom.
Scientists and fishermen also use sonar to find fish and oil.
Side scan sonar imaging is a swath-mapping technique based on acoustic backscatter properties of the seafloor.
Side-scan sonar imaging is a swath-mapping technique based on acoustic backscatter properties of the seafloor.
Side scan sonar is usually towed behind the survey boat.
Sonar mapping can provide much better information than previous technologies.
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