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It was a big, dry place you had to drive across to get somewhere.
The past is somewhere you get lost in, literally and figuratively: your memory is partial, and the place itself has changed.
It would have to be place somewhere near the equator to even be close to plausible.
They have been swimming in midnights of coal mines somewhere.
To a loud, nasty, little foreign noise coming from somewhere.
Then his ears caught a louder sound from somewhere along the corridor outside.
Somewhere between these two extremes the truth will be found.
We have a wild savage in us, and a savage name is perchance somewhere recorded as ours.
When the night of the dinner arrived he was with difficulty prevented from running off somewhere on the plea of professional duty.
Somewhere, over the ocular dispersion of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Every weekend brings a festival somewhere in the world.
Enjoy a picnic at the falls or find your own private spot somewhere along the adjacent hiking trails.
Ask students if they have ever lived somewhere else.
The midget may have died somewhere, but it may have not died in this box.
It's possible that they're buried somewhere else in the cemetery, because we've only excavated about half of it.
Share your guide with guests who visit from somewhere with different wildlife and habitats.
And no matter where you are-they're always lurking somewhere nearby.
It didn't take long for the two sides to agree somewhere in between.
Every day a work of art is stolen somewhere in the world.
One rests somewhere along the shifting ocean floor, the other rests in a well-monitored laboratory tank.
He was absolutely not shut away in some ivory tower somewhere.
Everyone has a special song buried somewhere in their memory.
Somewhere along the way, he learned to take pictures with a borrowed camera.
Pale light seeped in from a sun rising somewhere out of sight.
It would take them so long reach a large size that somewhere along the line they would have met their demise.
It's not quite a video game and it's not quite an e-book, but it's somewhere in between.
He finds somewhere else to be, or he stays inside his house, with its many framed prints of trim little ships atop frisky seas.
At the height of the fray, however, the wires got crossed somewhere.
So the only way to experience the phenomenon is to go somewhere where cheese is produced, or to make it yourself.
Somewhere, someplace and sometime, someone was first in a new land and migrated there.
Somewhere on that segment, he reasoned, was a gene crucial to preventing white blood cells from becoming cancerous.
We had steaks over a big roaring fire, with potato salad, while listening to coyotes howling somewhere down below.
Somewhere in the inner solar system, there's a rock with our name on it.
One enters from outside of the rectangle and the goal is to exit somewhere else.
Sometime, somewhere, someone will generate a cloned human being.
It's rather odd that the ball got dropped somewhere along the way.
But ultimately, no matter what you receive, it's likely there's a lump of coal somewhere behind it.
It turns out that it is fairly easy to trick us into thinking that someone is looking somewhere else.
Consequently, they were set aside in their own clade, somewhere between amphibians and the rest of the reptiles.
As he cues up an old jazz record, you look around his cluttered room for somewhere to sit.
Everything started somewhere-and someone had to ask.
Most people have one somewhere: a nasty scar from an old injury.
Somewhere near a bank or convention collecting cash or glory.
Most of the ones you see will be somewhere around a few millimeters across.
But in the end, demand will dictate solutions and someone somewhere will simply build a new way to connect everyone.
What you repress somewhere will express itself elsewhere.
Cool idea so long as you leave your brain somewhere else.
It might even be good for a journal article somewhere.
Many varieties have textures somewhere between starchy and waxy.
The fruit rises to the top, leaving a soft layer whose texture falls somewhere between custard and cake.
All the plants started somewhere else, either in another part of their yard or in friends' gardens.
We think this swarm must have come from somewhere else.
Perhaps there is a hive somewhere in the neighborhood.
And it's easy to pull out if it's somewhere you don't want.
Pull its tail up with a rope and tie the rope somewhere.
There will be an article somewhere, saying that the best way to reduce those high costs would be to become smaller.
Putting the government somewhere else is not a new idea.
The task of a business-school professor is to meet students somewhere in the middle.
The task of deficit reduction will fall somewhere in the distant future.
Two bits of evidence suggest the truth lies somewhere in between.
Of course, the objective of someone in a moving crowd is usually fairly simple-to get somewhere and then stay there.
Since all the data gathered by sensors have to be kept somewhere, storage is hot, too.
If your master's thesis is good, you should shorten it and submit it as an article somewhere so it counts.
Others move on after a semester or two because their dream job was something else or somewhere else.
Somewhere out there is an ambitious but frugal high-school graduate who wants to avoid a traditional college path.
Suppose, merits aside, you decide that your best option is to restart your career somewhere else.
First, if you are somewhere without any coverage, disable all connections.
There is a thread about these nomenclature differences somewhere, but the gist of it is that it varies by university.
For those folks who have posted their philosophy somewhere, they will likely pop up, and will give you some ideas.
Its power is somewhere in the hundred-kilowatt range.
Think of it as somewhere between surfing a big wave and pumping a skateboard around a half-pipe.
Once those electrons have been excited, they need somewhere to go.
We don't host the images, so upload it somewhere else and submit a link to it.
But there's a different joy to living and working somewhere foreign.
Then there's supper at nine and later, somewhere between eleven and midnight, a coffee or a grappa with friends.
It's a placeholder, an apologetic reminder that somewhere in this happy land there are cookies, but not here.
But to tell the truth, there are cakes made the old-fashioned way that also fall somewhere short of delicious.
It was not at the bottom of the heap but somewhere in the middle, he told me with an industry insider's icy confidence.
And then, when someone asked who was going to clean it, everyone suddenly had a chore to do somewhere else that couldn't wait.
We probably develop somewhere upwards of six or seven hundred recipes a year.
When you buy a stock, that transaction needs to be recorded somewhere.
Somewhere along the way, however, his ego got the better of his vaunted strategic judgment.
The prediction is still there somewhere in the general's file, buried under a mountain of accolade and promotion.
All that happens is that the property deteriorates and the evicted people move somewhere else.
No matter how forcefully the police break one strike, the natives go on strike somewhere else.
Somewhere in the middle are those who pursue a distinguished scientific career and also have a flair for colorful writing.
The real instructors were the interns and residents, and the professors were off somewhere else.
But the money came from somewhere in the bank, and was therefore worth reporting.
In other words, you have to control leverage-credit obtained for investment purposes-somewhere.
Somewhere in that great ocean of truth, the answers to questions about life in the universe are hidden.
She loves-oh, yes, but somewhere in her is a deadly weariness.
One night he disappears from his bed and is given up as lying dead somewhere beyond the walls.
Somewhere deep down, he obviously had some doubts whether he would.
The source of the disease is somewhere further upstream.
There will always be a warm spot in my heart, somewhere, for that magazine.
Two world views collide here, and somewhere between them is a balance waiting to be struck.
It's somewhere in between writing a column and talk radio.
My parents drove me somewhere maybe once or twice a week, max.
The liquid should faintly bubble somewhere on the surface every second or two.
It is true that our epidemic requires the involvement of prescribers somewhere.
Obviously: there are fewer jobs to move for and it's harder to get credit buy a new home somewhere else.
Neighbors remarked on how the pair of them seemed always to be on their way somewhere.
At almost any hour, a police car is flashing its blue lights somewhere along the block.
He's not sure, but now he pulls them on and limps home, having left his beribboned crutches somewhere.
Somewhere between a tent and a hut lies a curious little structure known by a single ungainly syllable: yurt.
But that doesn't mean that when he eats somewhere, you have to eat there too.
Well, it could be that there are skeletal remains sitting in a museum somewhere.
Somewhere in our legs, muscles are pulling against one another, wasting energy as heat.
Genome-versus-genome warfare produces kids that are somewhere in between.
Two weeks ago he was running somewhere, really had to urinate.
Unless, perhaps, you could re-create them somewhere other than the ocean.
Almost everybody has a digital camera-in your cell phone, at home, or somewhere.
It would have formed somewhere else and migrated in.
But the information content of his body would instantly appear somewhere else.
But then, somewhere along the line, he lost his grip on reality.
Somewhere in the brain, a regular series of pulses was being generated.
They were mostly said to be on the steppe somewhere.
What all these diseases likely share is a disruption somewhere in the complicated growth cycle of the hair follicle.
Furthermore, the tossed vehicles get sold and reused, merely transferring the pollution somewhere else.
And somewhere in between, well, you'll go one way or the other.
You're lost-alone and stranded somewhere in hosiery.
It could be a bacterial infection that spread from your colon into your liver or spread from somewhere else in your body.
It's not enough for the information to be stored somewhere, completely inaccessible to anybody.
Even terrific plants are useless, however, if there isn't somewhere to grow them.
He is somewhere else, he is mountains away but even if he were near he would never make an audience.
Furthermore, the probability of finding the rv somewhere on the real axis must be unity.
Someone, somewhere, is working on way to translate all of this into a point-spread prediction.
If this has to be shipped somewhere first, and then distributed, the returns on the energy input drop.
They are probably going to be somewhere in the middle.
The wind is always blowing somewhere, and the waves are always strong somewhere too.
They have nothing here that can't be found easier somewhere else.
If the laptop makes a lot of heat, then this heat has to go somewhere, regardless of what type of cooling technology you use.

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