somersault in a sentence

Example sentences for somersault

Mine is a graceful somersault that disengages both of my skis and leaves me floating in the white.
Choose to jump with someone else, somersault off the bridge, jump forwards or even topple backwards off the bridge.
Even a swell would substantially increases the risk of a somersault or the tail breaking off.
Then he advances toward her, leaping and doing a somersault, only to be pushed away.
Others can shuffle cards with one hand or turn a somersault in midair.
Being able to somersault with her playmates was a major accomplishment.
So he got on the horse and he began pitching and finally turned a somersault with him.

Famous quotes containing the word somersault

The back somersault, the kip-up— And at last, the stand on his hands, Perfect, with his feet together, Hi... more
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