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The actual tomatoes somehow still look absolutely marvelous.
But if you've ever taken a winery tour, you know that afterward the wine somehow tastes better.
But taking these pictures feels somehow wrong, reminiscent of trophy photos.
We were up in a big car looking down on him, but somehow he was in charge.
Coyotes somehow snagged the rib meat put out as bait without getting caught.
All your story is managing to do is make people think that adopting a lot of diseased cats is somehow going to fix the problem.
Or somehow you missed this episode-and its by now countless reruns.
Somehow he survived the driving of a steel rod through his head.
But in the meantime, it's somehow satisfying to know that woolly mammoths were so closely related to a living, trumpeting species.
Somehow, even at that time, it became my secret treasure.
Relatively few animals have been reported dead, however, reviving speculation that animals somehow sense impending disaster.
The study authors suggest that the ancient egg was somehow cracked open before it hatched.
Prehistoric marine reptiles, both alien and awe-inspiring, at once utterly inhuman and somehow irresistibly compelling.
Somehow the animals also seemed to know that disaster was imminent.
The glove compartment was open, but somehow they missed my wallet.
Somehow, more than a million people squeeze life from this parched land.
Proteins from some other biological source could have somehow contaminated the dinosaur remains, the skeptics note.
Perhaps the cataclysmic jolt of a collapsing star could somehow be harnessed to produce gamma rays.
Somehow the pictures never quite capture the grandeur of the experience.
War, however, is somehow safe and doesn't undermine humanity at all.
Somehow cannibalism became the topic of my first peer-reviewed article.
Yet somehow it's the other way around-and internship requirements proliferate.
The one certainty is that athletics and academic programs should not be seen as somehow working against one another.
Somehow it had been easier for him to have his ideas battered generally than to have specific mistakes in prose highlighted.
The space is branded somehow so that users know that this is the research help hub.
The idea was to let the general public know, somehow, what is happening.
The myth that private is somehow a more efficient social organization than public is amusing.
Eating fatty foods, not exercising and somehow remaining lean and healthy--it's the couch potato's dream.
Through tilts and adjustments in movements, it allows its species to survive somehow.
Somehow, though, he learned how to jam his brain with more random information than he ever thought possible.
Coffee thus appears to somehow dilute the harmful effect of tobacco use on the bladder.
Somehow, creating a company seemed uncharacteristically pragmatic.
Instead, our brains seemed somehow ready for the necessary information, and the information found its way in.
It would seem those new neurons would eventually be employed somehow in within the brain s neural networks.
If this wasted heat energy could somehow be harvested, solar cells could be much more efficient.
The growers should get organised somehow and exchange the seeds they have protected from the attacks of such companies.
First, they must somehow deliver their genetic payload into enough cells to do some good.
As the song goes, we'll have to muddle through somehow.
Somehow it became the norm to spend up to a third of your life on holiday.
Yet the firm somehow manages to mop up the excess diamonds, and keep prices high.
Yet the more fundamental argument that armed drones somehow breach the laws of war does not, at present, stand up.
He thought his diet somehow stimulated bodily tissues to burn more stored fat than they would otherwise have done.
Somehow, despite chaos, they all manage to flow through.
But somehow it's today's changes that are really ruining the language.
It is impossible to remember everything, so a process of winnowing must take place somehow.
All knew that this interest was somehow the cause of the war.
All knew that this interest was, somehow, the cause of the war.
Stem-winder somehow has more life in it, more fancy and vividness, than the literal keyless-watch.
All persons or objects that answer to the same countersign or that bear the same imprint are thereby stamped as somehow related.
But he had a weakness which he somehow forgot to mention-that of fainting at the sight of blood.
They had somehow forgotten their objections to employing other people.
At the best some one will make them up somehow for himself out of books or from some old chronicle.
Somehow, the networks haven't seen this as newsworthy.
Forced to focus on a single thing the mind rebels, whereas adding another element somehow focuses it.
Somehow kids managed to survive for a few hours not eating between meals.
Somehow, though, the fax machine has managed to survive.
Somehow, this surrender freed him-the tiger released him and turned on one of his companions.
The letters felt potent somehow, maybe simply because they weren't e-mails.
Turtledove creates a whole intricate biosphere with a somehow breathable atmosphere.
The world was simply grander back then, somehow more civilized, and nicer to look at.
If pi was essential to the physical world, perhaps it somehow governed the markets.
Nowadays, few people doubt that the mind somehow is the brain.
And then, somehow, half an apple pie slipped into the dish.
Mysteriously, the pie might end up on the stone with the toppings somehow jumping ship.
Every life is interesting and makes a difference somehow.
There exists a mistaken perception that this type of fraud is somehow harmless and acceptable.
There had been dynamite stored that was somehow ignited.
Most people can attest that the mere expectation of relief can somehow prompt the body to respond.
And yet somehow he was chosen to be his group's guide.
Our need for sleep is somehow tied to our ability to remember.
Somehow this adds a three-dimensional quality to the picture, and reveals an amazing amount of texture.
The total effect is engrossing yet somehow never gross.
He remained as confused as ever but somehow not as miserable.
Not that the animals that can't tolerate it are somehow freaks that should be on drugs.
The conventional view is that the process of collapse during a supernova somehow concentrates the original star's field.
However, our best guess is that quantum mechanics must somehow prevail.
It has evolved into something much more-and somehow a bit less.
During this heating process, the indigo is somehow absorbed into the fibrous clay and this fixes the colour.
There is somehow a sense one is cheating the system.
Russians do everything space-related more casually, and somehow they get it done and for cheaper.
Then a measurement on one immediately influences the other, somehow determining the outcome of a measurement on it.
One of the goals will be to somehow mimic plants' storage abilities.
Computer designers will have to emulate this somehow.
Somehow the heat had welded them together into a gray, suppurating renal brick.
The mistake is thinking you can somehow control the situation or that you'll somehow be able to change people's minds about you.
We don't know what the solutions are-yet, somehow, we're supposed to not allow our anxiety to overpower our lives.
Apparently they managed to invent the ball but somehow missed the wheel.
These people manage somehow to harness the power of money in a more jovial manner.
The first is the idea that somehow computer achievements pose some sort of threat or challenge to human beings.
In spite of the almost constant scrutiny of his peers he had somehow managed to vanish.
The thing humbled had been somehow augmented, empowered.
He neither celebrates nor laments his lost culture, as if somehow it had never had been his own.
The irony is so crude as to be somehow appropriate: kitsch beats kitsch.

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