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Example sentences for somebody

It was clear to the birds that if two went into the barn and one came out, somebody was still inside with the shotgun.
Your novel can get published, somebody perfect will answer the door.
We took it off the comb, and then discovered there somebody in the cell, bathed in royal jelly.
The temptation is overwhelming to bestow it on somebody.
Talk little and well and you will be looked upon as somebody.
On the other side were voices, and somebody laughing.
All nobility in its beginnings was somebody's natural superiority.
Evil in the broadest sense merely means disharmony, since any kind of disharmony is a source of pain to somebody.
Every known fact in natural science was divined by the presentiment of somebody, before it was actually verified.
Then it happened: a moment of anger that propelled him to write the first prose book somebody actually wanted to publish.
It's rare that a relevant newspaper article or story doesn't get picked up by somebody in my network.
But somebody is buying you time to read, think, and study.
Clearly somebody out there is trying to make you look bad.
The latter service only started running last year: somebody didn't do their due diligence.
But somebody has to tell it, to keep political discourse from going entirely off the rails.
But let's compare this to somebody who is more focused on a smaller number of interests.
It operated better when used at the minimum volume level, which seemed about right for somebody with my hearing condition.
At last, somebody has made available the best notebook sleeve in existence.
Presumably he survived, however, because somebody nursed him back to health.
Otherwise, it will not be apparent that you are in fact waiting, and somebody will try to snag your spot.
Every family has somebody doing oil and somebody doing fish, sometimes both.
Most people preferred the discomfort of not bathing ever since somebody had experienced the water supply being cut off mid-shower.
And if somebody hasn't done it, that's what we're here for.
If the ironing board stays up for an hour, somebody will start using it as a kitchen counter.
But one day some keepers were having lunch near his cage and somebody had a blueberry muffin.
We'll probably need a committee, somebody to handle public relations, maybe a lawyer.
He's more interested in the stories people imagine and project on somebody who is different.
Maybe it will jar somebody's memory, and they'll remember they have a trunk upstairs.
We were told to jump in the car when somebody stopped.
Smiling or even seeing somebody smile releases endorphins that work in the brain to give an overall feeling of well-being.
When you see somebody scared, your heartbeat increases.
Or maybe somebody simply figured out that permanent settlements were best for making beer.
Thank goodness somebody is willing to act on hydrogen's clean and sustainable production, transportation and storage.
Somebody should do a demographic on the populations these infected individuals were among.
Spent fuel now sits in cooling pools and temporary storage areas waiting for somebody to figure out what to do with it.
Your free speech rights can be incredibly harmful to somebody else.
Somebody who stares at the flop for a long time almost certainly can't use it.
He was always more likely to think that somebody was slighting him.
It's all fun and games until somebody files a civil complaint.
It's pretty jarring to see somebody openly make the case that being fat is a sign of poor character.
It's certainly not a problem that can be solved by cutting government and praying somebody else picks up the slack.
Blues songs are usually about somebody doing somebody wrong.
As somebody who's somewhat autistic, let me put my two cents in as to what the proper interpretation might be.
If you wake somebody up from deep, stage-four sleep, they will usually have nothing to report about the experience.
When the generators are producing too much, the markets have to pay somebody to take the extra energy.
Here was somebody, with no reputation, saying that he might have figured out the key to the whole thing.
So you're paying electricity bills, but somebody else is kicking it.
But that's not exactly an operative, functioning thing, to have a conversation with somebody.
Well, when they arrive, somebody has to be there to welcome them.
If you caught somebody counting cards you signalled for help.
The films are usually shot with a digital camera, in somebody's apartment, and run about eighty minutes.
There's not a lot of gray area in being flirty with somebody.
It's funny, my mom always portrayed my granddaddy as somebody who was willing to stand up for the little guys.
It wouldn't surprise me if somebody handed one of the original suits to me and asked me to sign it.
For somebody who doesn't smoke weed, you've put a lot of thought into the chromatic scale of a stoner.
They're looking to get a couple of records out of somebody and then move on to somebody else.
Somebody starts the story, somebody picks it up in the middle, and somebody gets it to the end.
All of a sudden here's somebody who gives her a better life.
Somebody could mistake them, of course, for self-congratulation.
Maintaining a permanent lunar base means, however, that somebody has to keep footing the bills.
Someone who wants to learn knows that he needs both information and critical response to its use from somebody else.
There were light airplanes in the sky: somebody said they might have been gala guests, dropping in.
Let's begin with a place where the idea of somebody's culture really does explain something.
The smallest somebody or something halted and half-turned for a moment to gaze sideways.
They're often somebody's husband, boyfriend or father.
Somebody has to keep them in shape and medically take care of them.
So many transactions involve handing a card to somebody to scan.
Somebody put a lot of thought into this system, and it shows.
So somebody somewhere has removed the filter from the design, presumably to reduce costs.
All it needs now is somebody to go ahead and create a sheet of this stuff.
Which means that somebody else is line to take this prize.
Instead, it was kept in personal directories which are deleted a year after somebody leaves a lab.
So, somebody identified a model consistent with the evidence.
All that remains is for somebody to go and have look for this gas and report back.
Still another is to take somebody out to dinner at a restaurant well away from the space centers.
There are a number of other ways to find somebody without having to involve an official body.

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