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Fortunately, many drainage problems are easily solved once you become aware of them.
Dental records confirmed the match, and another sad and baffling case was solved.
The problem was solved when seeds, nuts and leaf litter were added.
On the other hand it's a glimpse of a possible future in which science has solved a fearsome problem.
For a short time, it seemed the mystery might be solved.
Revised pilot instructions and a change in the wings' leading edges solved the problem.
Roundabouts have already solved this problem, as mentioned above.
The challenges our higher-education system faces cannot be solved by individual colleges alone.
But those are practical problems that can be solved with time, ingenuity, and experimentation.
There is no doubt that the problems to be solved in achieving short-term success and sustainable success overlap.
But inside that private space, problems can only be aired-not solved.
The ecologist had solved his mystery, but not the puffins' problem.
There are too many e-mails back and forth about things that could be simply solved.
Saving money is usually not one of the problems solved.
Why they aren't on grade is the question that needs to be addressed if this systemic problem will ever be solved.
The pill solved the problem of unwanted pregnancy, but as usual, the law of unintended consequences prevailed.
Perhaps our perceived problems will not be solved simply by focusing on faculty.
The current students' obsession with grading can be solved with numerous instruments--feedback can be numeric or commentary.
The two offers would have solved our two-body problem.
The increasing corporatization of higher education has produced more problems than it has solved.
But don't imagine that you've solved the evolutionary dilemma.
The one problem to be solved immediately was the beginning.
The era of the air-shaft has not solved the problem of housing the poor, but it has made good use of limited opportunities.
Regarded thus, the whole problem was mechanical and had to be solved in terms of matter and motion.
It is not always in the same way that these problems are solved.
In both these cases the riddle seems to be solved in an entirely different way.
The strange appearance which had given the messenger an idea of a wood moving is easily solved.
But that it can and will be solved no one can doubt.
When the old spirit or new deity is conceived as creating or producing the object in question, the problem is easily solved.
It can be solved, however, through the application of double meaning with displacement.
Snooze abusers can shut off the alarm only after they've solved a math puzzle.
The mystery of why galaxies formed early in the history of the universe give birth to more stars than modern ones has been solved.
Most of these issues could be solved without much engineering might.
The handful of attendees who solved the puzzle were rewarded with candy-filled puzzle boxes in the mail.
The commission has thus solved the problem of stagnating wages, which is now revealed to be a mere fiction.
If this was a business, the problems would be solved.
The answer: the problems of the social sector can, should, and must be solved by government.
Even if the materials problem is solved, some of these designs are as conceptual as traditional couture.
We presented the same test as a laboratory task that was used to study how certain problems are generally solved.
How this problem will be solved remains anyone's guess.
But these issues won't all be solved by soaking the top one percent.
All these problems unique to modern times cannot be solved by pre-modern solutions.
But the problem is by no means solved, the report says.
Funny how so many things become the magic tool as long as some other problem is solved first by someone else.
Researchers solved this by using compression welding to create a hermetic seal around the well's metallic membrane.
It seems the mystery of the ichthyosaur midden is far from solved.
Not every problem can be solved by throwing money at it.
There occasionally occurs a paradigm shift in the way that particular problems are recognized and solved.
One mystery yet to be solved is where the chariot trappings come from originally.
The mystery of these structures won't be solved completely until scientists understand how the tissues were preserved.
But there are plenty of other mysteries that remain to be solved.
It was no small task, but researchers have solved a long-term mystery-how fleas jump.
Discuss students' ideas, and then explain that many animals solved this problem a long time ago.
After the route has been solved, repeat the activity with different scientists.
Rather, planning for and implementing that solution is how the problem is finally solved.
Police say they won't reopen the case, which they consider solved.
Two of the four big problems that have long beset it are almost solved.
With the publication of this report, it might seem that fuel prices have solved the problem.
The word originally meant an individual who solved equations, often using a mechanical calculator.
But all the world cries out for its problems to be solved and by technologists.
Many technical problems have yet to be solved, and the industry has still not even settled on a definition of cloud computing.
No part of this three-way puzzle-creating a press that is free, less nasty and sustainable-can be solved in isolation.
One way or another, however, the problem needs to be solved soon.
The overhead power problem is thus going to have to be solved one way or another.
If there are problems, they are solved with money from the reserve.
The missing heritability problem will surely be solved sooner or later.
For the moment, he has solved the more immediate problem.
Yet no one seemed to feel that the problem was solved.
Nothing you might have said or done could have solved the mystery of the keys.
No sooner has this problem been solved than another presents itself.
Clarity about this problem is important because if it is not recognized, it can't be solved.
Now they think they have solved the packaging problem.
He'd solved the business-model problem-he could support himself.
No crimes would be solved and every episode would be between three and seven minutes long.
It's entirely possible, in fact, that the mystery may never be solved.
The national leadership has solved the internal problem of political succession, but it remains fundamentally insecure.
Of course, there remain many mysteries to be solved.
The decision to use a convoy solved one logistical problem but created another one.
By avoiding learned committees they got the job done, and they solved the problem once and for all.
Mysteries solved by combining detailed histories and modern knowledge.
It's not solved by coming in and throwing out the hoarders' stuff.
The puzzle stumped scientists for more than a decade, but gamers solved it in three weeks.
With one calculation, the device solved a math problem that would take an ordinary computer as many as four steps.
If challenging problems are solved, it could be let loose in theme parks to roam on its own.
Mathematicians have proved that the problem can be solved for certain cases.
And sometimes it's cool when they are simply stated and simply solved.
The answer sheets were anonymously posted into a box and the recruits had to write how many questions they had solved.
It merely referred to the way people solved programming and computer system issues.
The finding solved the mystery of how they manage to stay underwater as long and dive as deeply as they do.
Observational astronomers partially solved this problem by postulating the existence of gaseous disks.
But even if eyeless triggers the formation of an eye, that doesn't mean that the developmental problem is solved.
Energy problems will be solved because of accelerating technology and the human desire to do it.
Obviously, security gives rise to some straightforward problems, and businesses should examine whether they have solved them.
We forget to look for the bigger underlying idea that will become apparent as the problems get solved.
The issues concerning corrosive effects were solved by the automotive industry a decade ago.
There are several challenges that need to be solved, however.
They sometimes publish work tackling problems industry has already solved.
Difficult problems remain to be solved before the promise can be realized.
But this will be solved in the next years as part of the learning curve process and manufacturing expertise.
The problem would be solved either by using other ways of material of electricity storage or generating energy by other means.
The problem won't be solved overnight, but there are reasons to be optimistic.
However, if the structure of some subset of the graph is known, the problem can be solved easily.
But the mystery could now be solved by a latecomer to the field of antimatter research.
As any cell-phone owner knows, those problems were solved.
He expects, however, that this problem can be solved within two years.
At the same time, fundamental problems that are still not solved well are not going to go away in the real-time context.
But one expert claims to have solved the question of where.
The fleet owners' energy problem is being solved not by the energy industry, but by the automotive industry.
Problems get solved, and little is left unresolved in her life.
It seemed unlikely that the mysteries of nuclear structure could be solved by such experiments.
The protests usually end quickly and often without violence once the specific issues are solved.
Playing better chess was a problem they wanted to solve, yes, and it has been solved.
What he did not know was that he had solved an outstanding physics problem.
Long-term sustainability would remain a problem to be solved.
Vampire bats have solved this problem by resorting to conditional cooperation.
Presented as puzzles, they were sometimes solved elegantly and to the satisfaction of every reader.
But he does seem to think that he himself has solved the problem.
But his past record gives little cause for optimism that any of these cases will be solved.

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