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The short answer is that there is no perfect solution.
Repeated attempts at their solution without the aid of government had left us baffled and bewildered.
We should thus have the solution of our problem, if the constants a and b were known.
The solution of this problem promised enormous gains.
Not only that, the solution marked the birth of a new field, called compressive sampling.
The water solution soon turned into a dense form of ice.
Only six puzzlers have managed to walk away with the solution by the time this solution was originally posted.
But one way to cut back on your expenses is to make your own fog solution.
But that is probably not going to be a widespread solution, particularly in more cash-strapped areas of the country.
Apple's solution would identify users by the sound of their voice.
The solution, in almost every case, is simply to upgrade.
But it has shown up with a product that shames every other solution on the market.
Digital rights management, long touted as a solution, has been all but abandoned.
The quickest solution to deforestation would be to simply stop cutting down trees.
Better understand the need for clean energy and learn how to be part of the solution.
Corn ethanol is not the ultimate solution to decreasing our dependence on oil, and neither is it the ideal climate solution.
Some scientists think the solution to the world's energy problem can be found in space.
There is, of course, no easy solution to the problem.
One solution has been to simply move some individuals to another reserve-infusing the local populations with a blast of new genes.
The solution turned out to be a waterproof glue made from cashew nuts and sugar.
To preserve the harvested heart, a member of the transplant team flushes it with a cooling solution that slows its metabolic rate.
Limiting logging in the over-wintering areas would seem an obvious solution, but so far that has proved easier said than done.
One solution is to rebuild the aging power grid to be less vulnerable to solar disruptions.
The electrification of personal vehicles, however, offers an incomplete solution.
More efficient cookstoves are the accepted solution, but it has been difficult to introduce them widely.
One group was slathered daily with a solution of acetone and caffeine.
It is a much more rational solution than any discussed in the article.
Within three weeks, the gamers found a good solution.
It is clear that algae are not the perfect solution claimed.
More zoos is differently not the solution, unless animals can place humans into zoos.
They are at best an incremental solution rather than a transformational solution.
Solar energy is touted by some as the solution to the world's energy woes.
My suggested solution would replace these facilities.
Orbital debris is a big problem, and there's currently no real solution.
Extracting methane from sewage should be ranked as number one solution.
It's a gas solution and it's lowering it's pressure in response to an increase in energy.
Solution: hijack an ant's body to do the work for you-and then inhabit it.
In contrast, control mice without the genetic mutation strongly preferred the sucrose solution.
It is well to point out that the chemical approach does not provide a complete solution to the problem of protein structure.
From plug-ins to planktonic algae, technology is part of the solution to climate change.
Their attempts to find a solution have sometimes seemed to spring from the pages of an overwrought thriller.
Currency appreciation thus seems the obvious solution.
It may be that the solution to this particular mystery lies, as it often does in the human world, in social interactions.
Details are in short supply, but intellectual momentum is building for a broader solution.
Raising interest rates would have been another, much blunter solution to the problem of an overheating housing market.
The government's unwillingness to allow job cuts makes a solution impossible.
Perhaps the solution lies in a more intimate exchange between user and software.
First, it needs to solve a problem to which there is no voluntary or non-coercive solution.
The only solution, he argues, is to stop pumping except for urban use and put a price on it.
Then a salty solution, commonly containing lithium bromide, absorbs the refrigerant vapours.
Secondary buy-outs are a neat solution to two of the industry's big headaches.
Politicians have long seen public works as a solution to economic woes.
However, creating a global central bank may not be a good solution even if it is possible.
But a long-term solution would require change for the bosses as well.
The best solution would be to get the world's biggest polluters to share the burden.
The best solution in that case is to get a different reference, one who will write a good letter for you.
The second, more workable solution is that many archives have microfilmed some collections.
To adopt this as the solution would not solve the real problem.
The obvious solution seems to be restriction of access to information deemed potentially harmful.
The solution to our social and economic woes lies in new technologies, in the cutting edge.
One solution is to see if your department will match a small external grant.
The easiest solution is not interviewing her at all, unless you know her and decide beforehand that she is the one you want.
One solution is to subsidize the internships by increasing financial aid and program grants.
Makes you wonder whether the solution is ultimately to move away for research paper based perspectives of the tertiary education.
One proposes a workable solution, and one proposes a silly impractical one.
Second, this might also be a partial solution to the bonus problem.
The simplest and easiest solution seemed to be film school.
The solution of the problem is not difficult: ought is the product of a material process.
The solution points the way to an objective grasp of the origin of ethics.
The solution may lie in a revival of the techniques of organic farming.
If only there were a policy solution that would instantly eliminate the profits of those cartels.
The final operation will be simply the printing out of the solution to the problem.
Every protester may have his or her own proposed solution.
He'd been there for days, not knowing how to get out, and suddenly he had a solution.
Better public relations is every conference speaker's solution to the public's quarrelsomeness and irritation.
To operate normally, proteins must stay in solution, bonded to water molecules.
Cleansing with paint thinner and isotonic saline solution was necessary.
It is not always about finding the best solution, but also about finding a robust solution.
Despite these efforts, the short-term solution to drug-resistant microbes is more drugs.
So any solution would have to have three key characteristics to be viable.
Exoskeletons are currently at the earliest stages of becoming a medical solution for some people.
Proponents of aquaculture call it a possible solution to our potential food crisis.
But as is so often the case when unraveling the mysteries of climate, a solution to one puzzle promptly creates a new one.
Seeing sharia as a blanket solution to modern problems also involves a dangerous measure of forgetfulness.
The real solution to the problem of balancing piano and orchestra was to build bigger and louder pianos.
Though the elements of his solution were not original, their synthesis surely was.
Complicated though this question is, some elements of its solution are clear enough.
The city's problems are by now so complex that there may be no solution to them at all.
Employer-based insurance has historically offered a partial solution to the problem of adverse selection.
If it's cheaper to use a mechanical solution and it works, then there's no reason to go for the electronics.
Clicking a metal disc in the solution creates a nucleation center that causes the solution to rapidly crystallize, releasing heat.
They then pumped the solution through one channel as infected blood was pumped through the other.
The calculator can help show the financial differences between building a custom solution versus buying an off-the-shelf system.
Above and below the membrane are a solution of salt and a pair of electrodes.
We know there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.
The method begins with a solution of molecular precursors.
Then they slowly flow a saline solution of the virus along that channel.
Such plants might also be a good solution for remote communities.
The patch that the team came up with reduced the immediate danger but wasn't meant to be a permanent solution.
The solution was a solid material that is made of two linked polymer chains.
The heat transfer fluid could be standard auto water-antifreeze solution or motor oil.
Nothing available today provides a low-cost, mobile solution that can be used remotely to both gather and transmit images.
Your dentist combines coating your teeth with a bleaching solution and periodic flashes of light that activate the solution.
The solution is to discover the cause of the obstruction as rapidly as possible and relieve the blockage.
One solution would be to spend more time with people.
The frustrating thing about all this is that there is a ready-made solution.
So far, neither the government nor the insurance companies have figured out a solution.
Tony's solution to this problem was to give them all more and more to drink.
The solution was to promote the eating of apples as a healthy snack.
One solution may lie with her casting, which favors a forthright briskness over the cute.
The executives behind these buyouts say that they're the best solution for everyone involved.
For many, the solution was charging stations: roadside stands run by small entrepreneurs fortunate enough to have generators.
It turns out that one of the carriers has a solution.
It is an intentionally open-ended story, prematurely closed, a mystery without a single solution.
Most organ centers handle kidneys pre-transplant by washing, then submerging them in a preservation solution and melting ice.
The solution: hiring a retired judge to hear the case.
Even if bike seats do cause problems, the solution is not necessarily clear.

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