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Imagine a high-tech machine that can see through solid rock to the complete dinosaur within.
We have a solid rock to stand on, liquid water to sustain us, and an atmosphere to shield us from radiation.
The peaked roofs, solid colors, and simple shapes of the birdhouses lend continuity to the design.
Then begin polishing with wet-dry sandpaper, diamond pads, or solid aluminum-carbide blocks.
Installing these lighter-weight sections is easier than dealing with heavy solid units.
The solid green form is attractive, but many prefer the yellow-and-green cultivars.
Sunset gave plans for these solid structures, as well as other, less demanding ones.
Once you're back on solid ground, he'll gladly snap your picture and fillet your catch.
The second paver option is any of the solid concrete paver blocks that are now being made.
They range from solid pale pink to white with hot pink streaks.
But he is also a highly regarded blues, rock and jazz artist considered a solid songwriter and session musician.
Planets form from disks of swirling material that condense into solid bodies.
Her cogent testimony challenged the committee members, providing solid evidence contrary to their accusations.
After he cleaned it up, he realized that the rubber had suddenly become more solid, yet was still flexible.
As it cooled further, solid particles started to rain down.
In some places the ditches were carved out of solid bedrock.
Their phrases still ring because they were struck on bells cast of solid bronze, not chimes set blowing in the breeze.
At this point, good dinosaur movies are going to have to rely on solid storytelling.
The only problem: it had decomposed into the equivalent of a solid hockey puck.
Remove outside leaves from a small solid white cabbage, and cut off stalk close to leaves.
The solid grounds, therefore, of his romance were partly wasted upon an audience not competent to recognize them.
The temporary houses, first built over the water in the harbor, soon gave way to more solid structures.
In either case, each couplet will be solid and weighty in texture and content.
It was supposed to arise from the rebounding of the rays, in the same manner as a ball on the surface of a solid body.
Chemicals in a wood frog's blood allow the frog to freeze solid during the winter and still survive.
Vegetable oils keep your lips soft, while solid fats, butters and waxes protect them from chapping and drying.
Synthetic opal is notoriously difficult to make in the solid form and humans have yet to perfect the process.
Solid matter can hold more information and journey farther than radio waves, which disperse as they travel.
Nothing crazy exciting, but a solid set of features to be sure.
The phone's screen-sliding mechanism feels solid, but it is still easy enough to operate with one hand or one thumb.
It can be nerve-racking even with a rock-solid case.
Being visible and connected also increases job security, as it is harder to oust people who have a solid base of support.
The university insists that the medical school is on solid financial footing and that no such irregularities existed.
Without solid time-management practices, your students will eat you alive.
Having solid relationships with these individuals will contribute to your success.
My job-market experience was five years of solid discouragement.
There are, in fact, solid correlations between how much reading teens do on their own and how well they perform in school.
Perhaps it's a way of saying that while your prose is solid, your argument is frail.
Many of the scheduling predicaments can be avoided with solid advising.
Tests can provide solid data about whether students have mastered the facts and concepts required in a specific discipline.
Most of these satellites circle only a few hundred kilometres above the planet's solid surface.
When he moved on to management academia he had had a solid grounding in corporate life.
Sponsors must foster a long-term relationship to have a solid chance of ticket quotas, apparently.
It was not the first attempt to repair a once solid link.
Lacking solid legitimacy, she may now face a rocky second term unless she manages to mend fences with her opponents.
Besides, there is more to establishing a solid risk culture than empowering risk officers.
It has a coalition government led by a solid-looking prime minister.
Most electronic devices have moved into the era of silicon chips and other solid-state technology.
Its likely outcome is a solid pro-government majority sprinkled with mild dissent.
The party is losing support even among the once solid armed services.
But solid academic research was lacking until a few years ago.
Nevertheless, the growth looks to be built on solid foundations.
Propellants can be in the form of a solid, liquid or gas, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.
Solid-state lasers can produce light in the red and blue parts of the spectrum but not the green.
And people are willing to try anything to achieve that solid slug of slumber.
Within a few million years these solid cores attract huge envelopes of gas.
Converting pro-resilin into a rubbery solid required forming molecular cross-links between the spiral peptide strands.
Such rockets attempt to combine the best of solid and liquid propulsion, the traditional engine types.
With his large features and solid but nimble body, he convincingly portrays otherworldly creatures.
In normal times, this might not have mattered, given the country's solid economic fundamentals.
Their audiences are solid enough that only a decade of white-noise albums might drive them away.
Ginny leans into its solid skull, and the horse stares back at her with a huge watery eye.
The granite façade, arched windows, and twenty-foot ceilings make the café seem solid and even luxurious.
The visual signals this building sends-it is at once crisp and pliable, solid and permeable-seem deliberately ambiguous.
And if points two and three aren't as solid as they seemed before the summer, the chain of events is far from out of the question.
Examine the sound-wave form of the album on a computer screen, and you will see a solid bar, free of any dynamic spikes or divots.
Side walls must be solid and have sufficient ventilation.
With a solid crust, the center of the pie's filling wasn't getting hot enough, and the pie's filling ended up being too runny.
It is about a bird who raises his consciousness until he can perform such paranormal feats as flying through solid rock.
The room had three solid walls, with the fourth wall consisting of metal bars separating it from a larger room.
In the meantime, the once-solid foundations of the big pharma colossus are shaking.
He had had a solid professional training when she married him: a master's degree in business administration.
We want form and content seamlessly to unite, so that the story before us has about it a solid inevitability.
It's a broad enough index that you're getting solid diversification.
Basically, baboons have about a half dozen solid hours of sunlight a day to devote to being rotten to each other.
It has a solid hub and lacks any gears, meaning that one rotation of the pedals produces one rotation of the wheel.
The reduction of soup stock by evaporation and melting a solid dollop of butter in a skillet are both basic chemical reactions.
Research journals impose quality controls to ensure that scientific observations and conclusions are solid and credible.
Autism research is progressing quickly, but without a solid diagnosis, some still blame vaccines.
The helium became a solid whose atoms settled into the same quantum ground state, meaning they had all the same energy.
The shafts leading to the chamber had been dug not through a layer of solid bedrock but through weak, brittle clay.
As their name suggests, they fashion intricate nests out of plant material, carefully threaded and woven into a solid structure.
To move forward you needed solid experimental proof.
The ultrasound images were mottled, showing lakes of liquid among solid tissue.
It seems that the solid ground is not so solid after all.
Molecules of fluid water crystallize into solid ice.
Then comes the rain, humbling in its ferocity, crashing earthward as a near-solid wall of water.
To put that in perspective, the general recommendation is a solid eight hours.
Usually when you find something solid and chewy in your drink, it's time to call for the waiter.
It is used for high-temperature thermometers and to dope semiconductors and for producing solid-state devices.
Solid-state lighting is mounting a challenge to light bulbs.
Phase-change materials store or release heat as they oscillate between solid and liquid form.
The solution was a solid material that is made of two linked polymer chains.
Solid-oxide fuel cells can generate electricity using a range of readily available fuels.
Each cell contains a stack of many thin, solid electrodes.
Heating the solid turns it back into a liquid, thereby recharging the hand warmer.
They've developed a tiny solid-state laser that promises to deliver a longer-lasting white light while using minimal electricity.
Calculating the equilibrium that occurs when gravity acts on a solid crystal filled with conducting electrons is no easy task.
There was the life-size statue of him holding a polo mallet in solid gold.
At present, the guitar seems to fit in more as a solid backbone of the chord sequence and the songs.
And these stories always were totally solid until the dreaded day.
We had good meetings and reaffirmed our solid relationship.
Consequently, the hip structures were made out of a much more solid foam than anything else.
The topsoil consists generally of organic matter and clays, both solid and fractured.
His relationship with his father was solid but distant.
He was strong and solid, and he had total confidence in the veracity of his case.
If you were straight, this would be a solid premise on which to build a romantic comedy.

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