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Example sentences for solicitude

They the proceeded to the house where he was lying, exhibiting of course intense anxiety and solicitude.
There is certainly evidence the court will not easily shake its undue solicitude for the problems of corporations.
The waiters approach, and their old-fashioned solicitude is not what you expect from a sports-themed restaurant.
Such solicitude extended to his four siblings, his parents and his in-laws.
The people watched the threatening events with deep solicitude.
Though far distant, they have not forgotten you, but watch with anxious solicitude your movements.
Whenever he calls, she melts into a pool of cooing maternal solicitude.
In this collection, the author examines the human desire for solicitude.
The chief solicitude of the rich and of the ruler in the old civilization had been to keep up a supply of drudges.
But this is still the government of all the people, and it should be none the less an object of their affectionate solicitude.
Its object is the cosmos or some ulterior cosmic agency, construed as helpful or hurtful, colored by the worshiper's solicitude.
Seldom has any legislative body been the subject of a solicitude more intense, or of aspirations more sincere and ardent.
The other new element-at odds, it seems, with such solicitude-is achievement pressure.
There has always been in him a certain hovering if undependable solicitude for me, a solicitude he knows no way of expressing.

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