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Example sentences for solicitous

He is solicitous about colleagues, concerned about friends and worried about the whole world.
He is polite and solicitous and makes you feel-even as you try to resist him-that he truly has your interests at heart.
One hates one's abnormal, erupting skin but is led into a brooding, solicitous attention toward it.
These martyrs are so solicitous to intercede for us, that they suffer not that they should be prayed to in vain.
His zeal made him solicitous, in the first place, for the salvation of his relations.
They are in secure possession of their own felicity, and yet are solicitous for ours.
Much of the allure comes from the solicitous attention of the white-jacketed staff.
The machine alternately grinds corn into his face and wipes his mouth with a solicitous, but entirely ineffectual, self-wiper.
He's solicitous and courteous, and after he invites you to the theater he writes to thank you for coming.
One way to hold down the solicitous calls is to give your friends a regular update by e-mail, if you have it.
Degree to which significant others display solicitous responses to the patient's pain behaviors and complaints.
Tort law is solicitous of, among other things, plaintiffs' physical well-being.
Do not be solicitous about witnesses' and jurors' welfare.
The opinion is highly solicitous of state and local authority.
Beware of overly friendly or solicitous people that you meet.
Similarly, trade secret law does not provide a reserve clause for solicitous employers.

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