solicitation in a sentence

Example sentences for solicitation

Minimum three years experience fundraising with record of successful donor solicitation.
In fact, the solicitation treats it as an afterthought, tucked away in a parenthetical aside.
The remedy for a violation of the general solicitation rule is rescission at the initial offered price.
Direct volunteer activities in the areas of research, cultivation, and solicitation of prospective donors.
No money is kept back for costs of administration or solicitation.
The rule was deemed redundant, he said, because existing regulations already require a permit for solicitation in the parks.
And the solicitation isn't the sum total of his marketing.
The magazine does its own direct-mail subscription solicitation in-house.
There is on-camera solicitation and off-camera acceptance.
But as one candid confession follows another, the camera's role in their solicitation becomes difficult to overlook.
He characterized the bid solicitation as an informal process.
The full solicitation, including eligibility requirements, can be found here.
Paper copies of the solicitation will not be provided.

Famous quotes containing the word solicitation

When by thy scorn, O murderess, I am dead, And that thou think'st thee free From all solicitation from me, ... more
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