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Solicit answers that relate to the puppet only knowing what a few words mean, having a favorite way of talking, or being shy.
Most likely, the professors will leave the universities when they can no longer solicit research dollars.
On the facility side, university administrators need to solicit funds from wealthy donors.
After the first week, solicit feedback from the students.
Notoriously, the traffic police would even trump up charges against pedestrians to solicit bribes.
It can also solicit offers and facilitate the transaction's closing.
In one of them, we're trying to solicit some structured data.
The idea was to solicit articles from scholars, subject the articles to a seven-step review process, and post them free online.
They've even set up website to solicit views by means of a survey.
As you move along the agenda items, be sure to solicit input from everyone attending.
To spur innovation, some companies solicit employees with ideas.
Twice he interrupted the performance to solicit questions from the crowd.
Many student publications and productions solicit advertising or commercial sponsorship.
They are also not allowed to solicit contributions for campaigns.
Charitable organizations are required to register to solicit instead of being licensed to solicit.

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