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The presentation filters out intimations of hierarchy or solemnity in the objects.
Steichen is at his but when he is trying to express the restfulness and solemnity of night or evening.
It was an occasion for solemnity but no longer a wrenching heartbreak.
So when violence does occur, it's solidly earthbound and staged with magnificent solemnity.
And the solemnity here seems every bit as forced as the levity.
We retreated in solemnity, lest it stir and the curse of incivility and unreason be upon us for eternity.
Solemnity is not the answer, any more than witless and irresponsible frivolousness.
Burning with solemnity, they'll waggle their toy guitars.
My cheeks are flushed, my eyes closed and cast down in an attempt at solemnity.
Christine chatted and laughed, but her gaiety seemed intended to offset an encroaching, forbidding solemnity.
The expressions are usually of extreme delight and happiness or sadness and solemnity.
The film is a succession of sweeping dramatic gestures and lofty incantations performed in an atmosphere of hushed solemnity.
There's a solemnity to the procession, as if the desert were enforcing its own silence and gravity upon the travelers.
Illusion is not aided, either, by a progressive change of mood from playful scepticism to morbid solemnity.
Impious patrons, indifferent to the rule of solemnity, may still find it riotously funny.
Yet even when its rhythm slackens in the final half-hour the film never buckles under the weight of its solemnity.
They, too, can benefit from the solemnity and social recognition of permanent commitment.
He had always conducted himself with mystifying mock-seriousness and jocular solemnity.
His senatorial solemnity was a species of burlesque.
Fireproof wears a badge of sweet solemnity, seeking the audience's empathy for decent people working to expiate their sins.
It jettisons facetiousness for a liturgical solemnity, and hardware for soft lips.
The leave-taking presented a scene of subdued anxiety, almost of solemnity.
Nothing could be more impressive than the order and solemnity of the proceedings.
The ode sings of eternity, the epic imparts solemnity to history, the drama depicts life.
The terms of the combat were then sworn to with the utmost solemnity by all parties.
Up till midnight a sort of religious solemnity prevailed.
The breath of solemnity which hovers round the music attaches us to the writer.
The task is performed slowly and deliberately, with a certain solemnity.
Some societies buried their dead in mounds with great solemnity and ceremony.
The solemnity of the occasion gave way, at the successful close, to hip hip hoorays and champagne.
Minute guns were fired during the procession, which greatly increased the solemnity of the occasion.
Law has a scroll in her hand and a fold of her robe is drawn over her head to signify the solemnity of her mission.
The adventure is narrated by the professor with hilarious solemnity.
The solemnity of the taking of the oath or making of the affirmation should be indicated.
He celebrated the chanted rituals with utter devotion and solemnity.
Prayer adds a solemnity and dignity to such secular celebrations.
Dignity and solemnity shall be maintained in the courtroom.
The solemnity and size of the task soon became apparent.

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