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Once upon a time, coffee-growing countries were focused solely on maximizing the volume of beans produced.
When they're broken it's not solely the fault of a drink or even five.
The environmental component is based solely on particular matter in the air of cities.
But the overall lesson is clear: if you are giving aid solely to be liked, be prepared for disappointment.
People were being investigated and punished solely for what they thought.
That's a total of four awards shows devoted solely to country music.
The support could arise from formalized general social networks, not solely through custom-built protest networks.
But our reticence to acknowledge that our humanity derives solely from the physical brain should not come as a surprise.
No one the writer spoke to believes that climate change can be successfully addressed solely by creating a market.
Some terrific candidates were excluded solely because they didn't have a new piece of fiction available by our deadline.
Many of the structures had been built solely to house artifacts.
She was empty, possessed solely by this stale fantasy, shared by the whole white population.
The price of oil-more than that of many other commodities-isn't based solely on current supply and demand.
To argue, as you do, that the government is solely responsible is to go too far.
Natural selection acts solely through the preservation of variations in some way advantageous, which consequently endure.
Or great poetry may be made without the direct use of any emotion whatever: composed out of feelings solely.
Nor must his imagination be thought of as feeding solely upon itself.
The feat is accomplished simply and solely by the vivid representation of action and character.
We have demanded of them simply, solely-nothing else-to give us equality, security and tranquillity.
At bottom everything which he accomplished by magic means must have been done solely because he wanted it.
The ability to make tools was once thought to lie solely within the purview of humans.
They become solely responsible for everything instead of working effectively as a team with their staff.
The former cannot be demonstrated, as its proponents declare that it is solely a question of belief.
They are buying futures contracts solely to bet on the future movement of the price of the commodity.
Look at any newspaper anywhere in the world and you will see conflict that is solely the result of religious motivation.
But to dismiss a scientist solely for holding some wrong or controversial views risks sweeping away valuable nuggets of truth.
His patterns result solely from random fluctuations in births, deaths and the arrival of new species.
Seriously--any species lost largely due to its lack of good looks and appeal can be solely blamed on us.
Perhaps the positive effect of experiencing negative events is not solely a matter of their incidence rate.
If any medical apps are to be at all relied upon by caregivers their results should be biased solely in the interests of patients.
Today schizophrenia is believed to be solely a disease of the brain.
Nevertheless, the vast majority of antibiotics used on farms today are added to animal feed solely to stimulate growth.
Their knowledge was derived almost solely through observations.
It would be wonderful to find out how much of these differences are due solely to brain structure.
On the other hand, stuttering used to be ascribed solely to environmental factors.
If wing shape were solely responsible for lift, then airplanes could not fly upside down, and symmetrical airfoils would not work.
To me that suggests that focusing solely on the geometry is the wrong language to use.
To interpret them solely in that light is absurd and disregards their historical context.
Productivity does not mean solely the ability to produce objects of desire, it can also mean the ability to produce knowledge.
As the experiments show, animals are by no means robots driven solely by instinctual responses.
One oft-promoted possibility would have been to abandon health care reform and focus solely on jobs.
Many businesses seemed to remain open solely to give their owners shelter from the elements.
The current trend is gourmet food sold solely out of food trucks, which generally have a regular route each week.
His seething undercurrent isn't solely a matter of temperament.
But national security is solely a federal function, and it can't be put off.
Of course, the current problems with our financial system are not solely the result of bad lending.
Some may invest solely in stocks, while others make bets on the direction of currencies around the globe.
Lastly, please don't focus solely on the examples in each scenario.
It is not solely in relations among advanced countries that soft power plays an important role.
The first is the expansion of educational providers that exist solely on private support.
It was coined solely for his purposes in writing this brief piece.
Effective online courses should introduce instructional content solely on the merit of its value in aiding the learning process.
In such situations, the president has a significant task of persuasion, which cannot be left solely to the champion.
Spin-offs are solely reliant on the markets to continue funding them, which is a risky proposition if you study history.
If the supply of gold is fixed, the price will rise or fall solely based on the demand curve.
If the job were to be decided solely on merit and experience, his would be the strongest claim.
Predators, which have previously been used solely for reconnaissance and to designate targets, are firing missiles.
The revival of music sales is not solely attributable to the new law, however.
It is solely dependent upon the individual's perception or thought.
But to attribute the woes of euro-zone government-bond markets solely to evil speculators is dangerously misguided.
They are the restraints on which the people must often they solely, in all representative governments.
And they did so solely on the basis of the players' race and gender.
He has looked pale recently-partly but not solely because of his domestic troubles.
Regulation that focuses solely on the risk of an individual bank in isolation ignores these spillover effects and is inadequate.
Lang was a deaf-mute who communicated solely by gestures and rough drawings.
Few companies have figured out how to turn a profit by relying solely on mobile ads for revenue.
No one is arguing that biofuels are solely responsible for driving up food prices.
Traditionally reference works have been available solely in printed form.
They survived solely by eating microscopic animals trapped by their stinging tentacles.
The selection committee will not consider applications seeking support solely for laboratory work or archival research.
The committee will not consider applications seeking support solely for laboratory work or archival research.
Many traditional villages continue to struggle, surviving solely because of tourism.
Vampire bats are the only known mammals that survive solely on blood.
Still, to focus solely on the myriad of problems is to ignore what has been accomplished in a mere decade.
Four species of bacteria that thrive solely on the substance have you beat.
We know dark matter is there based solely on gravity.
Few pesticides are aimed solely at the adult mosquito.
Grants will be evaluated based solely on merit, regardless of the research status of the applicants.
In fact, it was the first conference devoted solely to the forthcoming transformation of the book world by digital technology.
It is unfair to blame rising corn prices solely on ethanol production.
It is possible to create malware eliminators or detectors based solely on finding disturbances in the code's temporal signature.
The researchers then isolated these cells, creating a solution that consisted solely of muscle cells.
Most would not contemplate negative feedback systems, or would try to argue their effect down solely over an agenda.
The burden is on you to demonstrate that such observations are solely due to mechanistic processes.

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