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These ideas, once the sole province of fiction writers, face real tests in a new generation of experiments.
Brevity is the sole of wit, as any dummy can tell you.
The sole of each of his shoes is lacquered in a vivid, glossy red.
Resistance was often their sole means of maintaining a sense of purpose, and so their sanity.
In partnerships and sole proprietorships, the forms he preferred, the owners ran the business.
Coal smoke is not the sole cause of these deaths, but it is a major contributor.
After all, temperature is not the sole determinant of a wine's taste.
Maybe the salmon is sketchy today, but the sole sings to you.
Hubbard's sole offense was to claim liberty for himself and try to win it.
In these words he writes the sole prescription for a distinguished humanity.
Unfortunately a thin, pink sole is probably also a sign of social status, so going barefoot faded from advanced societies.
Please bear in mind that using diversity as the sole measure of the effects of climate change does not tell the entire story.
Emissions per head is not the sole criterion determining global warming.
Perhaps its imprecision, producing imaginative attempts at interpretation, is its sole intended purpose.
Please don't let political correctness, or greed your sole motivating factor.
As to your diversional tactic of discussing surfactants as sole agents of damage, please have some dignity.
The sole purpose of the fight over this organism appears to be motivated by greed.
Their party's sole claim to legitimacy is economic stability, and they guard it jealously.
Rather, they are episodes of friction in which the resource in question adds to tension but is not the sole source of it.
Visitors can be forgiven for thinking the police's sole function is to extract money.
These days, foreign firms get far better results from sole ownership, though that was not a possibility then.
Financial shenanigans are not the sole province of the banking industry.
There is big a difference between being the sole aggressor and being the one party involved in certain conflicts.
Having sole use of a dedicated telescope would make new kinds of research possible, too.
Her sole brother, her brother-in-law, and her four closest friends were killed in the war.
It is the sole reason for revamping the mechanisms of power.
Because the fruit spoils quickly, the families scaled back their gifting over time to a sole apple.
It is the sole swing producer with significant capacity to increase output, and therefore it controls the world price.
For teachers with evolution in their curriculum, this book is good enough to be a sole resource.
The group's sole purpose was to cast doubt on the scientific legitimacy of global warming.
After that, build a vessel in orbit who's sole job is to go from orbit to orbit.
If it did work, every medical facility in the world would have a group of people whose sole job was to pray for the sick.
Our sole purpose here is to feed our parasitic overlords.
His sole possession was this little tiny transistor radio with earplugs.
Books and paintings were his sole personal indulgence.
And yet the state and church were never the sole source of power and authority in medieval and modern times.
The sole reason to see it, if you must, is for the special effects and stunts.
If a user rates a video multiple times, the final rating will be sole rating utilized in the results.
In the days before the quake, he was visiting the country's sole nuclear enrichment facility.
But for now, the sole means of expression and communication is via photo images.

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