soldiering in a sentence

Example sentences for soldiering

Not even the adrenaline kick and camaraderie of soldiering.
He viewed his father's career in aviation dismissively, as a less manly pursuit than foot-soldiering.
Soldiering on in the face of setbacks, after all, is a key ingredient for success.
Except for war, soldiering with them wasn't at all bad.
Besides soldiering, he was known as a skilled mariner and shipbuilder.
It provides training in leadership and soldiering fundamentals with an emphasis on combined arms operations.
Though the tools and tactics of soldiering have changed, the basic principles of soldiering and leadership certainly have not.
Life outside the military could be sufficiently uncertain that even the negative aspects of soldiering were comparatively better.
He has set aside soldiering and returned to regular life.
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