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With the introduction of the bayonet, each soldier could be both pikeman and musketeer.
There's the shopworn military cliche about every soldier being a sensor.
They used the captured scientist and soldier avatars as hostages when the military approached.
Neither side had a soldier killed by enemy fire despite all the shot and shell filling the air.
However the meter could be recharged and used again with the next soldier.
Sensor-studded clothing worn by a soldier tracks his movements and vital signs.
Smartphones can also give a soldier more real-time data about battlefields.
Resulting in straightening followed either by sit-all-day slouching or the rigidity of a tin soldier.
Meanwhile a couple dozen of her soldier ants locked their fish-hook mandibles into my face.
With proper conditioning a subject could be turned into an enthusiastic soldier or a loyal customer.
And satellites furnish information and communications to soldier and civilian alike.
For over nine months the old soldier had been an invalid.
It all depends on the purity of the individual soldier.
The soldier is sanctified by his willingness to die for us.
Each browser's relative user share is represented by the thickness of the flag being carried by its soldier.
Negotiated with bandits, lanced a soldier, got punched by an archbishop.
He was a half-breed, and came of a soldier stock on both sides and through both races.
Or suppose that you are a returned soldier, and it is a pal who has died.
Plus, they'd tell leaders how a soldier's body stood up to grueling physical training or a tough deployment.
Imagine that a soldier wants an app instructing how to call for artillery fire, and the app doesn't exist yet.
These chips allow the soldier to program exactly when and where the ammunition should go off.
And this can be proven on a soldier-to-soldier comparison with other countries.
Six months isn't even enough time to train a soldier, let alone get any use out of them.
He had spent weeks preparing for the parade and, apart from the occasional blip, proved himself a model soldier.
By older officers he was always described as a brilliant soldier, by many as a genius.
Right now, an on-duty soldier cannot sue his medical doctors for malpractice.
Think about helping that soldier's caregiver with everyday chores, because he or she now has two full-time jobs instead of one.
One morning, another soldier spotted some boar tracks in the snow.
The system should have a built in busing system to integrate to a future soldier borne system.
The gas mask bag was worn suspended from a soldier's neck.

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