soldering iron in a sentence

Example sentences for soldering iron

Using an electric or butane soldering iron, solder connect the twisted joints.
Solder electrical connections, using soldering iron.
All solder connections shall be made with soldering iron and rosin core solder.
In one corner visitors can learn how to pick locks, in another how to use a soldering iron.
The tip of his hot soldering iron happened to touch the needle of a syringe charged with ink.
If one less beak here and there makes my chicken nuggets a nickel cheaper, then break out the soldering iron.
Use the soldering iron to prepare motor for installation.
Soldering process was carried out by either a soldering iron or a soldering heater block.
Various hand tools, power tools, and a soldering iron are used during the course of their work.
And when it was replaced, could be done without the use of a soldering iron.
Solders with propane torch, soldering gun or soldering iron.
Use soldering iron to burn line over the last couple of wraps.
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