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Example sentences for solder

The pair created this image by injecting molten solder into a tiny silicone channel.
Deleading solder creates worries about electronics reliability.
Solder all the short leads in the columns together, down toward the empty space at the bottom of the board.
Solder is used to connect electric wires or other metal parts together.
Artisans solder a metal framework into which they pour vibrant powdered enamel.
Now you must delicately solder the sense wire to the bus wire everywhere they touch.
Perfect for parents and kids to do together-no glue or solder necessary, and the plastic components snap together with ease.
But connecting hundreds or thousands of them in a complex circuit required wire and solder.
All soldering calls for coating the metal with a flux before the solder is applied.
He's even managed to make solder into a design feature.
Solder should be visible in an unbroken ring around the pipe.
At one long table, for example, a line of workers solder multicolored wires onto.
Avoid touching the wire with the torch flame, and be sure that the solder runs around the entire joint.
He has written widely on polymer membranes, solder wetting and electron beam melting.
Each piece is meticulously crafted by hand, with the hot point of a needle used to bore and solder.
If you are ambitious enough to solder them together, do so.
And they need to get pliers and cutters and soldering irons and solder.
They show off homemade silencers, fire custom-built rockets, and solder their own circuit boards.
Their work inspired her to learn to solder and familiarize herself with machine parts.
The insulation shall not be imbedded in the solder joint.
Solder is a metallic compound used to seal plumbing joints.
Considering solder joint reliability and thermal performance, topologies using indirect jet impingement look attractive.
It is imperative for candidate solder to have the appropriate melting temperature and freezing range.
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