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For it might have been sold for more than three hundred pence, and have been given to the poor.
They sold for twenty-five cents each, without profit to either editor or publisher.
He frequently exhausted his treasury on the poor, and often gave the clothes off his back to be sold for their relief.
Or use self-adhesive letters sold in sheets by type and style in art stores.
If you live near a coastal town, head to the docks-fresh anchovies and smelt are often sold as bait.
Deciduous fruit trees are sold bare-root during the dormant season and containerized throughout the growing season.
Since they're so delicate and perishable, the vast majority are sold frozen.
Cooked polenta is sold plain or seasoned, usually in plastic-wrapped logs or blocks.
As you might expect, mâche grows as easily as a weed, but you'll need to start from seed since plants are seldom sold.
Bare-root plants are sold in late winter and early spring by retail nurseries and mail-order companies.
Wild rice is often blended with brown or white rice and sold as a mix.
The authors said the company's site sold their work without permission.
Last spring's businesses sold flip-flops, speakers, and chocolates.
So did its book value, or what it would be worth if sold off in pieces.
Twenty years ago auction houses sold to dealers, and dealers sold to private customers.
Ten years later it sold more of them than any other company in the world.
One of the problems with the industry is that they can be acquired and sold illegally, but that is another discussion in itself.
Some think that half the records sold are not actually played.
They can be broken up and sold in pieces for more than the purchase price.
Beginning next month, consumers will be able to check an online list of stores that sold or stocked recalled meat.
But if the silicon byproduct can be sold or recycled efficiently, the new approach could be economically feasible.
More than half a billion smart phones will likely be sold in the coming year.
One by one fish are auctioned and sold to the highest bidder.
Built by expert luthiers, custom-designed acoustic and electric guitars are sold throughout the area.
Their feathers had been removed, but their heads and feet were intact-a sign that the owls were to be sold as food.
Those that have had enough radiation washed away by years of rain and snow are melted down and the metal sold.
They pulled several intact bowls from inside a large jar, took them ashore, and sold them.
Many of these people were farmers who sold produce to their neighbors.
In order to make it less appealing, the margarine was sold only in colorless form.
Vendors, quick to spot an opportunity, sold their treats outside of the movies.
The current trend is gourmet food sold solely out of food trucks, which generally have a regular route each week.
Sold by weight, the chestnuts are scooped up into brown paper bags or cones.
They are so beautiful that they could easily be sold in bead stores.
The morning's harvest was immediately sold to the large hotels where all fine foodstuffs found a ready market.
There were always little sticks strung with sugared dates and figs, which were sold by the stickful.
These new wines, nearly all of them made by established wineries, are sold for high prices in double-thick bottles.
One caveat to keep in mind as you click through is that you don't know the true price of something until it is sold.
Manufacturers use noodle to refer to a dough with egg, which can be sold fresh or dried.
The first drug targeting telomeres, now sold as a nutritional supplement, will soon face the harsh light of peer review.
Instead, as you say, this corn was sold as cattle feed.
She was so sold that this worked she was actually offended by my pain.
Worldwide, about a billion tires are sold annually, and eventually all get tossed.
Heavy metals from the inorganic dross will be collected and sold as scrap.
Furthermore, the tossed vehicles get sold and reused, merely transferring the pollution somewhere else.
And because popcorn is one of the only products bought by weight and sold by volume, bigger flakes translate into bigger profits.
It can be divided more ways for one thing, which is why so many things are sold by the dozen.
Then he sold the movie rights, earning more money and becoming better known than the professors judging his work.
We've been sold that point of view over the course of decades.
The types of software and software services sold differs greatly from products aimed at consumers.
The book was soon translated into twelve languages and has since sold more than half a million copies.
But after a while when they sold so much that they became super rich and didn't care much for social issues.
Even after they are sold, they cannot be left entirely to the vagaries of the market.
Weirdly, she helped to make ends meet by running a shop that sold snakes-but had a horror of them.
The cell walls can be dehydrated and sold as a health food supplement or fermented into ethanol.
We tax them then they tax us, prices go up for all and less goods are sold.
When you're not paying for the product, you're the product being sold.
Most of the solar panels sold today use lower-quality multicrystalline silicon, which results in lower-power solar cells.
What's more, it was a local entrepreneur who gathered the fuel and sold the power to local villagers.
Barton says that his firm has sold recycled rubber to a number of leading tire manufacturers.
Apple closed off aspects of its device to third-party applications and had to approve all applications sold through its market.
Pregnancy tests sold in drugstores are a simple example of a paper-based diagnostics.
Within a few years, his widow sold off the estate, piece by piece.
He bought huge stacks of tires at a discount, sold them for twice what he had paid, and moved used cars on the side.
The event sold out so quickly that they added a matinee.
Its bonuses this year are the same toxic securities its bankers and traders sold their customers last year.
The shows sold out immediately, with the tickets soon arriving in fans' mailboxes.
Instead, in one form or another, the loans are packaged and sold as securities.
In the past five years, she has sold more than twenty million albums-more than any other musician.
Generally, food and food products sold by food stores are exempt from sales tax.
Ozone generators that are sold as air cleaners intentionally produce the gas ozone.
Some state licensing requirements are based on the product sold.

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