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We all grew up learning, in school, that there were nine planets in the solar system.
The agency's probes have visited all of the solar system's planets and it has done a lot of important science.
The other planets of the solar system are inhospitable to human life, but thinking machines could evolve there fairly easily.
Barely a decade ago scientists who study how planets form had to base their theory on a single example-our solar system.
That's the latest bombshell from astronomers looking for planets beyond our solar system.
The sky show the planets have planned for this month is a reminder of the aesthetic elegance the solar system can sometimes offer.
The truth of its wrongness is as well taken as the truth of the heliocentric solar system.
More questions arise than are answered with each new mission to other bodies within our own solar system.
Our solar system appears to be a far more dangerous place than was previously believed.
Voyager left the solar system more than a decade ago.
At the top of the agenda, naturally, is the race to find life elsewhere in the solar system.
Meanwhile, the sun is the largest source of power in the solar system, but it doesn't play a big role in our energy diet.
The majority of the other dots are stars or galaxies far beyond our solar system.
From earliest time poets have been remarkable for their intimate acquaintance with the solar system.
These would vary as the solar system moves through the universe.
It will also help build a coalition of countries that want to travel farther into the solar system.
We do not know how many stars are in the solar system.
Sending astronauts into the solar system would require a beefier rocket than any currently operating.
But its being both lifeless and inactive means organic chemicals from the early solar system may have been preserved there.
Not without a currently unfathomable harvesting of resources from our local solar system.
Those are the gas giants, the four heavyweights of the solar system.
That's big and scary, but it pales next to storms on our solar system's gas giants.
The discovery of a nearby solar system renders our corner of space a little bit less lonely.
There's probably no intelligent life in the outer solar system.
Had you been alive at the dawn of the solar system, the night sky would have been bright enough to read by.
In the early solar system, objects with the same composition may have been common throughout the solar system.
Astronomers report they have detected methane for the first time in the atmosphere of a planet outside our solar system.
They're the mystery tramps of the solar system, streaking crazily through a warm space they don't belong in.
The edge of the solar system is not some static line on a map.
But they aren't the only objects in the solar system.
It'll become one of several other spacecraft we've sent out of the solar system itself, set to wander interstellar space forever.
At four light years away, these are the closest stars to our solar system.
For the first time, astronomers have taken a visual image of a multiple-planet solar system beyond our own.
The first picture of a planet outside our solar system may actually depict a swirl of space dust, a new study suggests.
It was the result of an asteroid impact on the planet's surface early in the solar system's history.
Pea-size minerals inside a meteorite are the oldest known material in the solar system, a new study says.
Equations describing the solar system are complicated.
The sisters say their goal is to expand the solar system so it can provide all their future electric needs.
The plot featured three characters: a simpleton, a student and a sage, who debated the structure of the solar system.
Using the pathways, spacecraft can move around the solar system with little or no fuel.
In theory, a solar sail could be used as propulsion for round-trip missions in the solar system.
Asteroids have always been the proletariat of the solar system.

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