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Scientists have invented a plastic solar cell that can turn the sun's power into electrical energy, even on a cloudy day.
Solar cell manufacture generates small amounts of hazardous materials, but they generate none during use.
It's the birthplace of the transistor, the laser, the solar cell and the fax machine.
Out of the end comes a new type of solar cell which promises to be both efficient and cheap.
Overall, this is more efficient than a conventional solar cell which converts energy from only part of the spectrum.
Breakthroughs will double solar cell efficiency and wind turbines have grown to six megawatt capacity.
Furthermore, anybody can now become a power producer with a solar cell on their roof.
The device is an advanced solar cell, no bigger than a typical playing card, which is left floating in a pool of water.
Best of all, it has a large solar cell on the back of the unit, so it recharges as long as there is light.
So easy that the feeble current provided by a solar cell can do it.
The southern group is using the newest solar cell technology for the same purpose.
The paper was likely listed to provide more insight into polymer solar cell design.
We have a partnership with the world leader in solar cell technology.
However, a thinner solar cell normally absorbs less light, meaning it cannot generate as much electricity.
Advances in solar cell efficiency have only recently made concentrated photovoltaic systems economical in some areas.
To make the solar cell, the researchers deposit metal and amorphous silicon on the bumpy surface.
What's more, mirrors and lenses require mechanical systems for tracking the sun to keep the light focused on a small solar cell.
The shape is a simpler way to make more use of the sun's rays, but has been difficult to realize in a solar cell.
One involved depositing gallium arsenide on a rigid surface, then peeling it off to make a flexible solar cell.
One way to boost the performance of any solar cell is to increase the surface area available to incoming light.
Schematic diagram of the film crystal silicon solar cell.
There are a variety of solar cell materials available, which vary in conversion efficiency.
These free electrons then travel into a circuit built into the solar cell to form electrical current.
In a plastic solar cell, they're made from hole-acceptor and electron-acceptor polymers.
Degradation can be controlled by dividing the modules into a number of parallel solar cell networks called branch circuits.
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