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Billions of people find comfort and solace and peace.
They gave him stories from history and also solace during his long recovery from polio.
It was, he told her, the only song that could bring them solace.
Sometimes a moment of laughter gives a solace in their life.
Hoping for solace, she described this dream to her grandfather, a wise and highly respected elder.
Against this backdrop, it is perhaps quite reasonable for people to find solace in familiar foods.
Though it might be small solace to springtime sneezers, a new study shows grains of pollen to be biomechanical marvels.
There is nothing so disagreeable, that a patient mind can not find some solace for it.
And when the emperor and the king were set at meat, the emperor welcomed him with all the cheer and solace that he could.
Hunting a vanishing light, and a solace for joy too deep.
In the beautiful elevator, with the metalwork and the cherry-burl walls, he feels a solace.
She had not wanted to know during her pregnancy and, later, took solace in not knowing.
Then she drives off to see her hypnotist, carrying the cup for continuing solace.
Nor did she attempt the solace of aphoristic eloquence.
Still, it does help explain why people seek the solace of their own decade.
Yet by that point he'd had plenty of reasons, beyond the genetic, to seek solace in drink.
If his book is read by bill-paying parents, it will offer them little solace.
She finds solace in a friendship with a mysterious academic.
For this money, the public gets nothing but the bitter solace that still worse calamities have perhaps been avoided.
But the vets themselves take solace in the act of being useful.
But more than mere solace is to be gained from reading good stories-short stories in particular.
The hungry go for solace to drink and tobacco, sometimes to more powerful drugs.
We recounted our stories to others because in the telling came a solace, a glint of understanding, some stab at resolution.
Religion may provide solace for some detainees, but not all.
One does not solace oneself, but one finds solace in something.
The sublime offers solace and inspiration, but it makes a poor guide to policy.
But any solace from a rate cut might only be short-term.
But solace for the markets did come from another source though.
If you need any more solace, have a serious read of the scientific literature.
His leniency will be of only marginal solace for the industry.
And shortly before he left, he had sought solace in a priest and called for help from paramedics.
Unfortunately, there is no solace for a seller stuck with a loss, as is not uncommon in many parts of the country.
Music is something that gives my life value and spiritual solace.
If the nation's sugar producers are dismayed by such prospects, they may find solace in a new advance in polymer science.
Nothing could ever remove that pain, she said, but the poem provided some solace.
Its serene attributes lend themselves wonderfully to many residents and visitors seeking solace from their busy days.
We still look for solace and meaning from that fateful day's events.

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