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By now he was nearly bald, his beard was white and he appeared too thin for his unkempt, soiled clothes.
During the day other students surround him in the school yard and shove him around until he collapses, bloodied and soiled.
Fisheries had to close, birds and other wildlife perished, and vast lengths of coastline were soiled.
Farmers for example tend to have their knowledge ignored in preference to experts who have never soiled their hands.
But now the tail of his blousy shirt, ensnarled in the cleats of one of the wardens' boots, became tattered and soiled.
The waves were depositing a fringe of soiled yellow foam along the waterline.
When you lie a little, or make compromises you shouldn't, you can have the ugly feeling of being soiled.
One report, for example, commented on what it said was their habit of throwing away soiled underwear rather than washing it.
Overflowing skips and perhaps a soiled mattress or two will decorate the stairwell.
His t-shirt was ripped and soiled, his face covered in blood.
Truth is as impossible to be soiled by any outward touch as the sunbeam.
He threw himself on his mule, all travel-soiled as he was, and hastened through the mud and mire to the distant convent.
Others, emaciated or showing oozing lesions, curl up on the soiled floor of the latrines.
Place them in a plastic bag so your clothing is not soiled if a container leaks.
Also bring plastic zipped bags to store the soiled cloths.
Remove soiled clothes and put them in a plastic bag.
If the soiled linens can be laundered, then there is no reason for the soiled linens to be discarded.
The laundry processing room shall be arranged to allow for an orderly, progressive flow of work from the soiled to the clean area.
Archival photographs show that the building became soiled while it was still under construction.
The proposed rule would only require one room for laundry processing, combining the soiled and clean processes into the same room.
Place soiled diaper into a covered, plastic lined container.
Soiled clothing will not be placed in cubbies or diaper bags.
Items to be laundered at the program will be bagged where they became soiled.
These areas should be cleaned immediately when soiled.
Soiled linen is generally sorted in the laundry before washing.
Laundry soiled with blood or body fluids shall be rinsed clean and laundered in hot, soapy water.
Contractor shall pick up soiled linen and deliver clean linen twice a week.
Linens soiled with blood or body fluids shall be placed in appropriately marked container.
Many kitchen container options exist for collecting food scraps and food-soiled paper, from the simple to the stylish.

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