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Her little book so full of promise and quiver ends up soggy and damp.
If allowed to stand, unless the skin is ruptured for escape of steam, they become soggy.
If the temperature is too low, doughnuts will absorb more oil and taste soggy and oily.
The vegetables in these sandwiches don't get soggy as they stand, and the flavors benefit from a little time together.
The fruit makes a beautiful pattern as it sinks in during baking, and the cake is never soggy.
If you completely seal up this object, the moisture will make its drier parts soggy.
The chicken had gotten soggy, but the potato salad could be saved.
Even in richer places the cost can be offset in part if the soggy ground can be put to lucrative use.
The dancers trundled on the stage looking soggy and depleted.
Well surprise, the waves are lapping at the dining room door and their gourmet food looks a bit soggy.
As he ate soggy fried chicken and drank sweet iced tea, he looked as relaxed as he ever gets.
Once cooled, brush melted chocolate inside the crust to keep it from getting soggy, and then get fancy with your fillings.
Many of the houses are prefab, and squat on pilings atop small squares of soggy land.
Normally, spruce-fir woods are insulated from fire by cool temperatures and soggy ground.
Adapted to soggy soils, the species suffers where wetlands are filled or groundwater is diverted.
As the new structures go up, frogs lose their old soggy homes.
To navigate this soggy realm, you have to travel by water without getting trapped on it.
Also, plenty of pockets, but no lined pockets to get soggy.
He found what appeared to be a blackened, soggy rag.
Check often for moist or soggy ground around exposed sprinkler valves, in-ground valve boxes or backflow preventers.
The pile should be kept moist, but not soggy, about the consistency of a wrung-out sponge.
Cancel your practice or game if the field is wet or soggy.
They cover the ground in many areas of the park, from soggy wetlands to the rocky alpine.
Livestock were still confined and fed out, pastures were too soggy.
The storm brings pounding rain and hail-and an unexpected visitor: a soggy wet stray kitten.
In dry weather, sprinkle water on the pile, but don't get it too soggy.
In summer, it traps a layer of water close to the surface, keeping many tundra soils soggy.
Also, the three unpaved trails can get soggy in wet weather, so visitors should wear appropriate footwear if it's been raining.
Rifles set carefully aside, they tossed raincoats, jackets and hats into a soggy pile.
Essentially, it prevents the box from getting soggy and falling apart.
Meanwhile the soggy raft was sinking and disintegrating, and the chicks were getting wetter.
He didn't have many customers and he was worried about soggy bread.
To prevent soggy-bottom crusts, brush with beaten egg white before adding the filling.
Say goodbye to crumbled slices, soggy lumps, greasy blobs.

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