softener in a sentence

Example sentences for softener

It is also an effective deodorizer and water softener that enhances the cleaning powder of soap.
The plastic is a resin of the kind used to pull calcium out of water in a water softener.
Vending machines dispensing boxes of detergent and softener are available.
Use liquid fabric softener and hot water to remove old wallpaper.
The typical water softener has two parts: a mineral tank and a brine tank.
Inside a water softener are many small, round beads.
Anion exchange units operate using the same principle as a water softener.
Water softener resin appears as symmetrical and shiny particles that feel greasy to the touch.
Install a demand initiated regeneration water softener which only run while water is in use.
Information and precautions regarding water softener use.
Information and precautions regarding water softener use.
If you use a softener, it is probably the cause of high sodium.
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