soft ground in a sentence

Example sentences for soft ground

Through a field he ran until he came into another road and getting upon his knees felt of the soft ground with his fingers.
The soft ground was impressed with the prints of birds and livestock and people.
Other projects include construction of roadways over soft ground.
Large flat wooden boards braced under the ladder can level a ladder on uneven ground or soft ground.
For complete safety, a muzzleloader should be emptied by shooting into soft ground.
Long legs and broad, flat hooves help them walk on snow and on soft ground such as a peat bog.
Don't place a ladder on unstable footing or soft ground.
Rain soaks into soft ground and provides nourishment.
When they investigated, they found running footprints in the soft ground heading toward the neighbor's house.

Famous quotes containing the word soft ground

As a tiger may lose its footing on soft ground, so people may be tripped up by sweet words.... more
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