soffit in a sentence

Example sentences for soffit

Close inspection and soffit removal will entail working up under the eaves.
While the fascia is off, inspect the space enclosed by the soffit to make sure it is ventilated.
The soffit is partially in the doorway as it is and is not even centered between the two windows.
The flat roof with its overhanging soffit reinforces the sprawling horizontal design.
Corrugated metal with light metal supports, minimal lighting and soffit.
Make sure insulation doesn't block soffit vents to allow for attic ventilation.
Another method to remove heat from below the soffit is a continual soffit vent where the soffit meets the wall.
The soffit is also referred to as the crown of the culvert.
Use a baffle to prevent insulation from blocking air flow from the eave or soffit vents into the attic.
Install new vented, aluminum soffit system to completely enclose the soffit.
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