soda fountain in a sentence

Example sentences for soda fountain

At that late hour only the soda fountain in a drugstore two blocks away was open.
The soda fountain's interior features vinyl stools, counter seating and old-fashioned light fixtures.
Take a stroll through the tree-lined streets and sample regional cuisine and old-fashioned milk shakes at the soda fountain.
The toasted olive and cashew sandwiches, soda fountain concoctions and handmade chocolates are delicious.
Then he sat down at the soda fountain and read the morning paper over coffee and rolls.
It had a post office, a prescription desk, and a soda fountain.
He held various jobs starting work at a soda fountain for twenty cents an hour.
Often, the soda fountain was inside a drug store, and people of all ages would come and meet there.
Often housed in the drug store, the soda fountain counter served as a meeting place for people of all ages.
Bill looked after the soda fountain and cigars, mostly.
Enjoy appetizers and an old-fashioned soda fountain.
The controls of the self-serve soda fountain were too high for individuals who use wheelchairs.
Don't take your wedding or when you went to the soda fountain and he asked you to marry him.
The countertops at the soda fountain were still made of marble.
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