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Fabric is sod against the skin, and zippers work smooth.
They said that if the sod was overturned and wheat was planted then that would cause more rain to fall.
Nearby, bulldozers plow acres of sod into an ever-rising mound.
Crooks used a rented sod cutter to remove unwanted sections of turf.
The pitcher's mound was flattened and the field was covered with fresh sod.
Remove pavers, dig up the circles of sod, and set in pavers so they're flush with surrounding sod.
Someone with power is going to burn this sod in short order.
Drifts piled high against the walls of the sod houses.
The idea to build a forest was sparked when the group covered the area with rolls of sod as part of one of its many public events.
New evil is in sight, as the stars of the syndicated hits begin the season far from their home sod.
With time, the farm prospered, and their handwrought sod hut was transformed into the biggest frame house in the county.
But, to tell the truth, there was sod all romantic about our illegitimacy.
The birds happily build large stick-and-sod nests on telephone poles, channel markers, and other such locations.
Flattened with heads stretched out on the sod, the birds seem to have melted into it.
Let me know how long the sod will stay green and alive.
There is a sod farm, a nursery, and a stable that advertises horse rentals.
No wonder: the roof is covered with bountifully planted sod.
In some places, all that separates the velvety green from the garbage is a few inches of sod.
The fibrous sod and stunted trees are breathing heavy balm.
There a circle was cut in the sod, and the sticks were set crosswise.
Technically, the tent was not on the property but behind it, on a recently harvested sod plot.
If the bare patch doesn't fill in on its own, reseed it or replace it with a patch of sod.
The first two comments point out a problem with a non-lawn solution: the initial cost of plants is much higher than sod.
Also, consider laying down sod in patchy areas of the lawn.
He uses organic fertilizer, aerates the sod and waters it until it's a deep green.

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