socket wrench in a sentence

Example sentences for socket wrench

We can debate if a socket wrench makes a good enough hammer and drill press, but it really is foolish to plan that way.
Others require a special socket wrench sold for the purpose at plumbing and heating-supply stores.
He may have been disappointed in himself, even shaken, but outwardly he was as smooth and focused as a socket wrench.
Lying in the gutter were half a dozen simple tools-a socket wrench, a few screwdrivers, a claw hammer.
He positioned himself under the raised mower with a socket wrench to remove nuts holding the blades in place.
He reached towards the seat, apparently for the socket wrench which was usually stored in a toolbox under the seat.
If you have those things cut, it takes a soldier or a marine with a socket wrench about two hours to put it together.
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