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Society wants to support scientific work that is not only of high quality but also socially relevant.
During that first year out of college he established himself as a citizen, not merely politically, but socially.
They are protective measures and are justified socially.
Socially or intellectually, the college was for him negative and in some ways mischievous.
The public one, socially happy and the other private and miserable.
Focus on encouraging pride and self worth for a race which has contributed economically,socially, and politically.
Marmosets make two types of calls to maintain contact and interact socially.
The need or desire for resources has affected people economically, politically, and socially.
He had to be closely supervised and guided in social situations to make sure that his behavior was socially acceptable.
Few wear watches, and late arrivals are socially acceptable.
It's less common in professional situations, unless two people have become socially friendly.
Saving all valuable forest, biologically, eco system service wise and socially is essential is the first demand.
Socially, the city seems as wide open and meritocratic as ever.
The unpardonable sin, socially, is to be uninteresting.
Our visitors are influential, affluent and socially connected.
Our readers are influential, affluent and socially connected.
Later artists moved toward a more impacting, socially relevant aesthetic.
Our sometimes less obsessive, more socially adjusted halves.
It's not that flying cars are technically impossible, but they are socially impossible.
The failures of wired combat are forcing troops to improvise a new, socially networked kind of war.
Her work in the field of socially intelligent robot performances is particularly interesting.
Some students were academically prepared for college, but not socially.
Your research, though, sounds practical and socially useful.
Write thank-you notes to benefactors and network socially with prospective students.
Many people, even the socially adept, interrupt to crack jokes.
Other attempts to create socially conscious designs were less successful.
Sophisticated study abroad is people-centered and socially responsible.
And the mix of the financially profitable and socially relevant in its portfolio is no accident.
It reinforces an economically and socially dangerous status quo, while buttressing a functional aristocracy.
They thought that there might be a link between how socially integrated a bat colony is and the nature of its tents.
He takes over a country that is diplomatically isolated, economically battered and socially and politically polarised.
There's nothing socially optimal about taking advantage of inadvertent tax loopholes.
It may have been a bore, but it was a less socially costly way of dealing with an undesirable habit than a ban.
Work can be a pleasure in itself, can be socially worthwhile or pay good money.
But socially and economically the place is still sharply stratified.
But elite universities are becoming more socially exclusive.
Since many of these pensions go to the genuinely needy, that would be socially beneficial, but fiscally expensive.
To be socially savvy, you have to learn the hierarchy.
Eco-villages are essentially designed communities intending to be socially, economically and ecologically sustainable.
Previous work has shown that people with autism pay less attention to socially relevant parts of scenes.
We are a species which has not evolved mentally, psychologically, socially or physically beyond hunting and gathering.
Sniffing, sobbing, wiling and ranting are socially acceptable expressions in some cultures.
Rather, it is the inability to connect with others that leaves people unhappy and socially isolated.
And yet in captivity, polar bears are housed socially, with several individuals sharing the same space.
Today, it is a socially tolerant, prosperous nation with a fully functioning democracy.
The billionaires were not especially close socially, nor were they in complete agreement about politics or strategy.
It turned out that the incentives they were reacting to weren't socially beneficial, but they definitely reacted to them.
They were socially voracious, now that psychotherapy had helped them to see that they couldn't stand each other.
Socially responsible investing is neither as profitable nor as responsible as advertised.
And he's angry at his parents for emphasizing his studies too much and turning him into a socially isolated mathematician.
People feel that things are out of control, socially and economically.
But the interesting thing about modern technology is how socially mobile it is--quite literally.
Cap becomes more self-conscious, more socially aware-all the while wrestling with post-traumatic stress disorder.
The government is not going to price to some unknowable socially optimal amount of pharma market power.
Without realistic synthetic skin, robots will never be entirely accepted socially.
But the system also looks for potential answerers who are connected socially.
People do it because they find it socially responsible.
Exclusion and poverty are not inevitabilities but rather a socially constructed form of suffering.
Socially a physical theory which must be logically consistent is considered to be the truth until it is falsified.
In hindsight it seems to me that these perceptions are mostly socially constructed.
The usual cognitive and motivational processes that steer behavior in socially desirable paths no longer guide people.
People who are socially active or who engage in stimulating leisure activities experience a delay in mental decline.
Life in a monastery or in a small, non-challenging parish, might be tempting for socially inept sorts.
But setting off nukes is so risky and socially irresponsible.
Outrage and disillusionment has percolated out far enough socially that this is a story that many people are interested in.
He is guilty of being socially challenged, un-organized, and having a complete disregard for details.
Socially relevant inferences don't deserve less scrutiny than physical ones.
The characters with whom the novel is concerned make up an advantaged group-they are well educated and well connected socially.
He leaves behind a country that is rich in cash and resources, but socially fragmented and intellectually impoverished.
But a necessary condition of their effectiveness is a disappointment in reasonable expectations that could be socially disruptive.
Socially as well as sensually, the farmers' market offers a remarkably rich and appealing environment.
Obviously, that's the kind of thing that should not be encouraged: socially negative contribution.
Summer means that day-drinking is socially sanctioned and sometimes there's swimming.
But the socially conscious efforts didn't attract enough subscribers, and they fizzled.
The oil giant has spent years crafting an image as a socially responsible company.
Cell phones keep us socially connected, but new research suggests they actually reduce users' social consciousness.

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