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Example sentences for social studies

In school he was strong in mathematics but weak in social studies and humanities.
Doc thought the best way to teach social studies to middle school and high school students was through simulations.
With all the science available, and all the real time technology, the vagueness of language still dominates the social studies.
It is filled with free primary source materials for teaching history and social studies to your kids.
We don't need to get into the dangerous political territory of geography or social studies.
Philosophy, social studies, humanities and sensibilities are what will be the common equalizer of us all.
In social studies they do a lot of projects and research online.
But social studies is essentially the study of conflict, if you didn't teach the controversy you'd have nothing to teach.
But not as a science, it should be tough as part of social studies curriculum.
The time has come to move away from textbooks anyhow, especially in science and social studies.
The bear's journey was part of an ambitious educational project to stimulate interest in geography, science, and social studies.
It was a milestone in the development of review boards for social studies.
Subjects such as science and social studies are relegated to shorter, later time slots.
Now people who might once have taught science or social studies become doctors, lawyers, and engineers.
Desired qualifications include a focus in the secondary science, social studies, or math content area.
Special consideration will be given to candidates who have expertise in social studies and/or language arts.
We may have to change scholarship programs so that they do not go to humanities and social studies students who can go on line.
Maybe the social sciences should be called social studies.
Three nonfiction features probe curriculum-related topics in science and social studies.
Creative writing, social studies and computer work have all become occasional indulgences.
If you teach social studies, then your job is in jeopardy.
Social studies is the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence.
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