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The myth that private is somehow a more efficient social organization than public is amusing.
Maintaining friendly relations, sharing resources, and cooperating led to new patterns of social organization.
To adapt to such a cold environment would have required fairly robust technology and social organization.
It may be that our social organization is the thing that needs a cure.
The order is a benevolent and social organization, composed of colored members.
The professional and social organization had been ensconced in deluxe locations until high rent and the recession interfered.
Today, five types of social organization have been observed among coyotes.
More specifically, what has been found to work is the idea of fraternity and equality as a basis for social organization.
There are people who prefer to spend time alone, but the main unit of social organization is the guild.
Communism is a system of economic and social organization-nothing more, nothing less.
And it plays an indispensable part in social organization and in history.
The forager data allow us to explore relationships between habitat and social organization and compare humans to other species.
Determine the relationship between colony social organization and size of foraging area.
Ethnoarchaeology: hunter-gatherer ecology and social organization, decision making.
In addition, a few studies focus on indigenous social organization.

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