social networking in a sentence

Example sentences for social networking

Any look at how kids have adapted to social networking and technology will tell you that gaming isn't an impediment to learning.
All the efforts to combine social networking with energy conservation seem to be pulling the plug.
The logic of online social networking points in a similar direction.
The rise of social networking upends the equation again.
Twine also uses elements of social networking so that a user has access to information collected by others in her network.
We think social networking will do a lot of good things for education.
To veterans of the technology industry, the fuss over social networking sounds all too familiar.
The evil popular thing this time around is social networking.
Yet one social networking metric is distinctly underwhelming: the one with a dollar sign.
For better or worse, they've been lumped together by the media and venture capitalists into a sector dubbed social networking.
All this week we'll be featuring papers about everyone's favorite social networking site.
Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables users to exchange updates with one another.
Urges parents and kids to talk about the risks involved in using social networking sites and offers tips for using sites safely.
Although quite advanced, social networking sites are simply websites.
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