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Example sentences for social contract

It was a community not defined by species, and not based upon a social contract that precludes killing.
Rights only exist under a social contract or some other kind of rule of law.
We need to figure out a new social contract which fully respects individual humans and not merely what they produce.
But the implicit social contract between citizens and the police needn't be immutable.
The traditional view of marriage as a social contract based on a civic-minded ethic of duty to others began to loosen its hold.
And didnt bother much with the second, social contract, example as the setting looked far too similar.
But that doesn't settle what the terms of the underlying social contract ought to be if our goal is shared prosperity.
But the drug war's downward spiral is starting to threaten the country's social contract itself.
That's evidence of a changing mind-set, a new kind of social contract among consumers, business and government.

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