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Before people began making their lives public on social networks, retailers had to figure out their likes more indirectly.
Much more important from the artistic standpoint were the comedies proceeding by means of social satire.
The guest who sits on and on, unless earnestly pressed to do so, is wanting in tact and social sense.
Bees either focus on gathering nectar or on gathering pollen depending on demand, especially in social species.
O century in recorded history has experienced so many social transformations and such radical ones as the twentieth century.
For messages of social responsibility to work, consistency and commitment are key.
The chemical often referred to as the bonding hormone has already been shown to affect the social skills of people with autism.
The loneliness and social isolation, if your workplace even partly filled that need, if you have no family for moral support.
Certainly, there are private equity deals--and maybe firms--that don't add social value.
But he also itched to uncover how the basic workings of the human brain shape social behavior.
Humans are deeply social creatures, after all, so it seems logical that good social relations should improve our lives.
So his social outlets and all of his wonderful connections were gone.
The field is called social robotics, and it remains a tricky business.
It is sometimes cited as a landmark of social science.
Long established customs of hurtful character could formerly fence themselves in, and do their evil work with social impunity.
Studying differences between tool-using and non-tool-using capuchins may also shed light on how tools affect social behavior.
Games can improve our social connections, and they can provide a huge arena for collaboration.
Of course, this is merely an extreme version of what goes on in our usual social connections.
Gaming sharpens thinking, social skills, and perception.
No one may ever know unless social psychologists shake off their fascination with jerks.
The higher a father's social status, studies suggest, the higher the percentage of boys he is likely to sire.
The fact that tickling oneself is notoriously ineffective attests to its social significance.
Early intervention programs for autism focus on three areas: speech and language, behavior, and social skills.
New research confirms that social complexity enriches cognitive growth.
Reading stories can fine-tune your social skills by helping you better understand other human beings.
How social intuition goes awry in individuals who have autism.
Social scientists reveal genetic patterns in social networks.
All the efforts to combine social networking with energy conservation seem to be pulling the plug.
Eye gaze is critically important to social primates such as humans.
Free, imaginative play is crucial for normal social, emotional and cognitive development.
As it turns out, gossip serves a useful social function in bonding group members together.
Many companies are turning to social-media sites to gauge the success of a new product and service.
Companies are spending more on social and collaboration software, as new tools compete for workers' attention.
The quick expansion of social and mobile technologies is creating a widely distributed workforce.
We encourage social scientists to use this tool for social-scientific purposes.
Researchers are increasingly using cell phones to better understand users' behavior and social interactions.
Hearing aids help millions of people, but many resist them because they think wearing one carries a social stigma.
Cloud hardware could get cheaper because of the social network's self-interested altruism.
The notion of a restaurant as agent of social change is gaining ground.
As a restaurant critic, he enjoyed a rich social life.
Pilot whales are extremely social animals, living in pods that sometimes contain hundreds of individuals.
Next to each problem record how social views and activities influence or control the problem.
With a remarkable array of communication skills, weaver ants may have perfected social networking.
The complex group behavior of social insects such as ants and bees has long intrigued scientists and other observers.
The highly social and complex world of ants is not void of selfish acts.
In polite society, flatulence is often a social faux pas-especially when issued deliberately.
Three nonfiction features probe curriculum-related topics in science and social studies.
Architecture also reflected the faith's growing social and political prominence.
As a vehicle for social change, however, the movie was a catastrophe.
T he commanding personalities of our era are often registered in the social retina by how they've appeared on magazine covers.
Let's talk a little about the media business, which you're still at the forefront of, with social networking and social games.
Social media has been used before to report and respond to disasters.
Among social animals, there is a direct correlation between the size of the neocortex and the size of the typical group.

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