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The bananas would come flying out of the stands and land on the soccer field.
He couldn't go to school or play soccer on the team he had captained.
The coach's of pee-wee soccer around here certainly should be hanged.
He enjoys programming computers and playing chess and soccer.
We walked at dusk a long way in the city to the center, and mixed with the locals watching a soccer game.
Soccer is a sport where there will always be corruption.
He has won soccer and karate awards and enjoys football and swimming.
There is already a web page devoted to televised soccer.
If you kick a soccer ball up a hill too slowly, it will come back down.
Questioned about his exercise regime, your correspondent mumbles something about playing soccer from time to time.
It's even becoming too hot to play soccer in some parts of this country.
Soccer players know the secret of predicting where to go as they navigate around other humans, but the rest of us are dummies.
He has to grow up without a real dad, only a soccer ball.
Researchers asked two sets of soccer refs to judge game clips.
For example, at certain times of the year, rain is a necessity-not a nuisance-even if a softball or soccer game gets rained out.
Others improved enough to go into mainstream sports such as netball and soccer.
Some of the students now want to be scientists when they grow up, but some still want to be soccer players and rock stars.
Programming a machine to play soccer is harder than you think.
On the soccer field, a searing kick to the shin is inevitable.
Soccer, rowing, and cross-country are also growing quickly.
They'll take your kids to the soccer game, tell you when to get up in the morning, and help pick out groceries.
Think of soccer moms who recycle plastic bags and don't want their car taxes raised.
If the economy suffers as a result, it'll be what a soccer fan might call the biggest own goal in history.
There's great rejoicing by the mob, as if a goal had been scored in a soccer match.
Indeed, various researchers have applied it to ranking in sports such as tennis and soccer.
It was okay for some things, but she still couldn't play soccer or basketball.
Screaming in the halls and/or a soccer game going full blast in the late hours.
Either one makes a perfect family car for that extra-special soccer mom.
One that we're looking at already has cafes, sauna, an indoor soccer field.
One of them rivals a soccer stadium in square footage.
There will be interviews with players, coaches and notable soccer fans.
Here's a list of the deadliest matches in soccer history.
The frequently controversial and always amazing soccer superstar has performed as both a player and now a coach.
Watch this reporter get nailed by a soccer ball during a live broadcast.
Local high school soccer championship games may also be held at the stadium.
Soccer programs are offered during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

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