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Example sentences for sobriety

BlackBerry has banned apps that track the locations of sobriety checkpoints so drivers can reroute around them.
Psychotherapy may also be called upon to help prevent sobriety from shattering a marriage that has survived years of alcoholism.
For all its thunder, the evangelical message encouraged sobriety and industry.
AA has been an important and necessary part of my sobriety.
No, but in sobriety they've found other modes of decadence.
He failed a sobriety test at the scene, the police said.
Welsh, who failed a sobriety test, pleaded not guilty at his arraignment.
After a couple weeks of forced sobriety, the animals were returned to the cage.
Recovery from addiction requires a lot of work and the first few months are critical in establishing a foundation for sobriety.
He inured himself to the practice of self-denial, sobriety, and mortification from his tender years.
Deaf to argument, haply they might be stunned into sobriety.
And bearing that backed up the sobriety of the content.
The professional drivers of big trucks are held to high standards of sobriety from both alcohol and drugs.
We must be grateful for their progress toward sobriety.
It sometimes takes years and many failed attempts before a problem drinker can finally achieve lasting sobriety.
But in order for the pill to work, you have to take it, making a commitment to sobriety every day.
Some will call this negative thinking, but the technical term is sobriety.
Shaw says he demanded but did not get a field sobriety test, and that paperwork later reflected that he refused one.

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