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Nukes may well have a place but are clearly no panacea to anyone who soberly looks at the economic and ecological pros and cons.
The plants, soberly observing their entertainment, seem wholesomely unmanipulated.
Today's game began soberly, too, with a group prayer at midfield.
Some of the other scientists took their discoveries more soberly.
In the opening scene, she marvels that he can discuss his madness so soberly while remaining mad.
But it does enable him to evaluate the risks more soberly.
Such curious kinks of the human mind exist and must be reckoned with soberly.
It is a spacious and soberly harmonious ensemble, nobly planned and executed, and well maintained.
They dress soberly, talk responsibly, and operate from well-organised offices in central locations.
But he can also be wonky, and speaks soberly about universal health care and support for war veterans.
Few think of the intifada as an instrument, soberly chosen to achieve a precise diplomatic end.
Student loans fuel inflation and discourage people from thinking soberly about their life prospects.
Slowly and more soberly he took up again his plan of life.
Such curious kinks of the human mind exist and must be reckoned with soberly.
It does not entirely cool off and get soberly to work till it has made two or three trips home with its booty.
There he soberly walked about for more than an hour, under the crooked trees with empty birds' nests in their forks.
They were soberly attentive to their studies, which were of a severely practical turn.
The story is unfolded soberly and with a keen appreciation for drama.
The moviemakers have, instead, treated their central idea so soberly that they sabotage credulity.
The right of free speech must not be abridged, but with it goes the responsibility to speak truthfully and soberly.
Not all court decisions are correct, no matter how soberly those judgments may have been reached.
In my view, these are issues that must be discussed soberly and carefully.

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