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In short, coffee-houses were calm, sober and well-ordered establishments that promoted polite conversation and discussion.
AA is also suspicious, as many regular members do not stay sober, many drop out and many die.
Am generally quite sober, but will be sure to watch myself if drinking.
The climate of exaggeration and hype made it easy for sober-minded observers to dismiss the new economy.
More sober minds suggested the box was a clock or a navigational device, but even those interpretations rested on skimpy evidence.
What is needed is neither denial nor panic, but a sober effort to monitor the situation and adapt.
Viewers want a sober yet comforting delivery from a host who is trustworthy.
Its advice for giving a wedding toast, for instance, is to stay sober.
As this conflict has dragged on, sober voices inside the movement have grown noticeably quieter.
All he wished of his tailor was, to provide that sober mean of color and cut which would never detain the eye for a moment.
His presence was regarded as essential to the sober merrymaking of the household there.
Some scientists have settled for modest and sober answers.
He wore a blue blazer and a blue shirt and a sober tie.
He returned to his job sober, this time permanently.
And yet talking to you now, you seem completely sober.
She qualified the term sober: she owned up to having had seven drinks in seven months.
Instead, the jury's decision was received as an appropriately sober choice for sober times.
It is important that the patient goes to a living situation that helps support them in staying sober.
All sorts of sober sociological theories could be advanced to explain the anguished turmoil of adolescence.
And in doing without the usual special effects, this sober, occasionally plodding film takes a huge chance.
During his occasional attempts to remain sober, you can almost smell the sour sweat of his rising panic and desperation.
While households and financial firms went on a borrowing binge, non-financial firms stayed fairly sober.
Yet even as its popularity soars, sober observers of social entrepreneurship are starting to ask if it lives up to the hype.
But on sober appraisal, there is less cause for celebration.
But after the wine of victory has been drunk and the party begins to sober up, the job will come to look trickier again.
Look into someone's eyes and you can tell if he is happy or sad, truthful or insincere, sober or drunk.
But a more sober version of the originate-to-distribute model will emerge.
The sober coverage concerns alterations to its expansion plans.
Even sober economists think the country is going to have to get used to this sort of thing.
But first it must begin to see itself with sober eyes.
But at some point a more sober judgment must be struck.
However, this giddy joy soon gave way to a more sober view, for three main reasons.
He concludes with some sober thoughts about the task ahead.
And the results of sober, sustainable growth are not the same as those from a consumption-based society.
Teetering on high heels with a sober expression, she began and ended the performance with an audible sigh.
She should be held accountable for her actions whether drunk or sober.
Their residents are often enrolled in the program of a treatment provider, but the sober home itself does not provide treatment.
But a nation prone to dieting fads often ignores such sober advice.
They don't perform as well as sober people, but they perform a lot better than the average drinker.
For years, its economic policymaking élites have been sober-minded and effective.

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