sobbed in a sentence

Example sentences for sobbed

Patty sat in the courtroom and sobbed throughout the hearing.
He sobbed convulsively and hyperventilated before many of his intimates, saying that his destroyers had finally succeeded.
It was the same hospital where he had sobbed uncontrollably at the loss of his younger brother a half decade earlier.
Exhausted but relieved, he bent his head to his knees and sobbed aloud.
Unable to restrain her emotions any longer, she sobbed loudly as her age-group got up to dance.
She left the witness stand, sobbed in the foyer for three to five minutes, and then returned to the witness stand.
The veteran sobbed during the interview while talking about his father, who died while he.
Lucia put her hands to her face suddenly, and sat down and sobbed sharply once or twice.
When sha was alone she sobbed as if her heart would break.

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He remembered the dissolute adventures in which his senses, his nervous system and his mind had indulged; he saw himself... more
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