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It combines the thrill of soaring through the air with the aesthetic pleasures of a bird's-eye view.
Soaring summer temperatures can take a toll on many garden plants.
The soaring timbered ceiling had disappeared under tiles fitted with fluorescent lights.
It has a habit of occasionally soaring into the air and descending in loops and spirals.
The snowy owl is a patient hunter that perches and waits to identify its prey before soaring off in pursuit.
While autumn leaves tumble from trees this fall, another natural wonder is soaring overhead.
While leaves tumble from trees this fall, another natural wonder is soaring overhead.
Consumer demand for fish is soaring as well-established fisheries are becoming exhausted.
Seeds from the soaring trees were collected and distributed, and it soon became a popular ornamental in home gardens.
Meanwhile, the temperature swings during and between these ice ages became more extreme, soaring to new highs and lows.
The impact generates soaring mists and thunderous sounds that can be seen and heard for great distances.
When the dust settled, increasing greenhouse gases sent temperatures soaring.
Soaring trees, sun-rebuffing canopy, and flocks of red macaws-give yourself four days to do it right.
His shattered skull resides in one of the soaring columns inside the sanctuary.
No trouble identifying this one: a flying fish that was soaring away from a pursuer on long, winglike pectoral fins.
But views of cascading waterfalls and soaring mountains make up for the effort.
Soaring energy costs are one of the reasons that small ski resorts struggle.
Food is scarce in the developing world, and prices are soaring in industrialized nations.
For certain individuals, such ailments may actually contribute to their soaring achievements.
Without sufficient matching on the supply side, food prices keep on soaring under the influence of imbalance.
Soaring around the world in a balloon is a romantic notion without parallel.
But slack demand and soaring feed costs have kept margins tight.
In the face of drastic dent in fossil fuels and soaring price of them, the hands-off policy reflects economic crash world-wide.
The skyrocketing cost of oil is sending pump prices soaring.
So the seemingly-doomed hypersonic plane project could come soaring back to life.
Make work bearable by turning your cubicle into an soaring airplane.
Expect soaring prices along with moderate to severe shortages by spring.
There was nothing soaring about his oratory, nothing ornate or mellifluous.
Soaring commodity prices are pushing up consumer prices across the globe.
Soaring house prices have given a huge boost to the world economy.
The price of polypropylene, a versatile polymer, is soaring.
In emerging economies, where there is plenty of sunshine and soaring demand for electricity, the prospects are brighter.
As the rich world grows older and sicker and the poor world gets wealthier and fatter, the cost of health care is soaring.
Political infighting delayed decision-making, sending costs soaring.
It is true, he says, that currency crashes in emerging economies have sent interest rates soaring.
Strong economies, soaring currencies and rising inflation have brought a dilemma for policymakers.
But big money has brought big problems, including overstretched infrastructure and soaring drug use.
But drug companies often help to pay the patient's share, which stops the public from getting angry about soaring costs.
As well as soaring fuel costs, airlines are bracing themselves for weakening consumer demand.
With food prices soaring and consumers tightening their belts, supermarkets' margins are under pressure.
They kept away the hot money that has sent exchange rates soaring in other emerging-market stars.
Instead, much of the additional output is being produced by the current set of workers, which means that productivity is soaring.
After all, soaring gas prices nearly toppled the weak recovery earlier this year.
In addition, those who attend college face the dual burden of soaring tuition bills and shrinking federal education grants.
Art-market insiders say soaring prices and demand for contemporary art is spurring the use of apprentices by more artists.
By the time he and his parents arrived, his fever was soaring.
And the soaring number of discouraged workers is also quite bad news.
It also contributes to why hospital costs are soaring.
No single company could afford a show, given soaring production costs on television.
If that really is a threat, then maybe soaring spending and tax cuts are a useful temporary measure.
But the legislation has no master plan for dealing with the problem of soaring medical costs.
She always had the range to do soaring runs or dive-bombing accents, but often avoided them.
With radiation levels soaring, workers couldn't complete crucial tasks.
Our deficit problem-far and away-is the soaring and seemingly unstoppable cost of health care.
But in some countries inspiration is falling into the gap between soaring speeches and concrete action.
In response, investors sent the stock market soaring.
Usually, you walk into a huge atrium with a double-height ceiling soaring above you.
One of the space agency's employees seems to have been inspired by the space shuttle's soaring trajectory.
Demographics of the last two centuries seem to be on the side of soaring life spans.
One can argue that due to the soaring cost of healthcare, x number of people cannot afford coverage.
The result was soaring housing prices, which led to more risky mortgages.
Fidel's hand does not tremble, his voice does not shake, his gaze is as firm and soaring as ever.
And with federal budget deficits soaring, the political opportunities to finance expanded health insurance coverage may fade.
During gliding and soaring, golden eagles constantly change wing and tail platform.
Bald eagle lovers will likely be rewarded as this majestic bird is frequently spotted soaring or perching at this sanctuary.

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